Islamic Council issues Fatwa that forbids Muslims from traveling to Mars

Clerics in the UAE have deemed a colony on Mars as being un-Islamic.

The Muslim world, always making news in the silliest, most ridiculous ways. I suppose this is not as bad as the women breastfeeding their male colleagues fatwa, maybe not. But surely not the urine fatwa.

Does anyone really believe this 7th century savage culture has the intellectual curiosity to get to the North Pole, let alone Mars (or even the moon, for that matter)?


Muslim Medical Students Boycotting Science Classes on evolution… because it “clashes with the Koran”

I am surprised the headline wasn't "Darwin hate speech incites Muslim extremism." The idea that they reject that which conflicts with their belief system is consistent with everything we have suffered in this war on the West. They rewrote the history on Israel and the Middle East (not to mention taking credit for "scientific inventions"…

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