France: Muslims vandalize church, leave photo of Nice jihad murderer on altar

But remember, this has nothing to do with religion or more particularly, Islam. SMH “Vivonne: Portrait of the Nice killer on the altar of the church!,” translated from “Vivonne : le portrait du tueur de Nice sur l’autel de l’église!,” by Daniel Hamiche, L’Observatoire de la Christianophobie, August 19, 2016 (thanks to Robert Spencer)” A…


Christians Forced to Hide Bibles Amid Migrant Muslim Death Threats

Look what Der Führer wrought. Hitler would be pleased. Obama is envious and has accelerated the Muslim invasion of our country. “Christians Forced to Hide Bibles Amid Migrant Muslim Death Threats,” By Virginia Hale, Breitbart, August 11, 2016: Bundestag member Erika Steinbach and Iranian-born pastor Mahin Mousapour called for much stronger sanctions for Muslims who…


Moderate Algeria: Christian gets maximum sentence for ‘blasphemous’ social media post

And the Huffington Post promotes this most extreme and brutal ideology, defaming and smearing those of us who oppose it. Everywhere there is sharia, there is creed apartheid, gender apartheid, speech criminalization, violence, misogyny and Islamic supremacism. Algerian Christian gets maximum sentence for ‘blasphemy’ By World Watch Monitor, Aug. 9, 2016 Algerian Christian gets maximum…


Armed Muslim gang destroys village over rumours church was being built, “No god but Allah, Christians the enemies of Allah”

Cue the Pope. Time, once again, for his “Islam is peace and there is no violence in Islam” speech. Muslim gang armed with GAS CANNISTERS destroy village over rumours church was being built A MUSLIM mob hurling rocks and gas cannisters destroyed a village and attacked Christians over rumours a church was being built. By…


Christian Community In UK Warned To Be On Alert for Islamic Terror

What a way to live. And remember, it’s “islamofauxbia” that’s the problem. “Christian Community In UK Warned To Be On Alert,” SKY NEWS, July 27, 2016: Police urge the Christian community to “review security arrangements as a precaution” following the murder of a priest in France. The Christian community in the UK has been warned…


Christians Told To ‘Pray In Silence… Don’t Disturb The Migrants’

Every where Muslims migrate they impose their supremacism and intolerance. This is Islam. What is unforgivable is the surrender of Western political and media elites. They blast their nails-on-a-chalk-board morning prayer from ear-splitting speakers, but Christians must not pray. Christians Told To ‘Pray In Silence… Don’t Disturb The Migrants’ By Virginia Hale, Breitbart, June 7,…


CHRISTIAN grocer HACKED TO DEATH in attack by DEVOUT MUSLIMS in Bangladesh

Another story that will never see the light of day. Instead, we are force-fed a daily diet of imaginary islamofauxbia stories churned out by a complicit and corrupt enemedia. The ghastly slaughter of non-Muslims in Muslim countries is at record level. I publish these stories every day. The difficulty is in keeping up. I cannot…


Caliphate Selling Sex Slaves on Facebook

Photo: A Yazidi who had been held by ISIS militants as a slave for several months sits in a tent outside Duhok, Iraq. Two different ISIS captives recently appeared to be offered for sale on Facebook. (Alice Martins/For The Washington Post) But Mark Zuckerberg is worried, censoring posts critical of the Muslim invasion of Europe….


Muslims murder man over religion

Check out the Guardian headline, “Man murdered over religion.” Always scrubbing, always serving, protecting Islam. “Two men arguing over religion on Thursday night…” No, that’s not what happened. Muslims approached these Jehovah’s Witnesses and began fighting with them, actually stabbing to death one of their victims. Obama says, “Islam is peace.” “Man murdered over religion,”…


American Lawyer Faces Prison: Targeted by Obama’s DoJ for Aiding Christians in Iraq and Syria

Obama has transformed the Department of Justice in the Department of Sharia. The Obama administration is prosecuting an Assyrian Christian American lawyer for helping Christians escape Muslim persecution in Iraq and Syria. The federal government provides asylum to immigrants who can demonstrate that they were targeted — or have a legitimate fear of being targeted…


Non-Muslims Threatened by ‘Refugees’ for Declining to Participate in Islamic Prayers

Imagine if Christians ever did this to Muslims….. never happens. But Muslims oppressing, subjugating non-Muslims is expected and tolerated behavior. Excused, even. “Non-Muslim refugees at mercy of other migrants, German group warns Europe,” Europe Online Magazine, May 9, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): Berlin (dpa) – German refugee centres are not offering adequate…


Muslims rape and beat Christian woman after testifying against imam who killed her father

As I have said time and again, Islam is not like other religions. Not even close. “Christian woman raped and beaten after testifying against imam in Uganda,” Christian Post, May 3, 2016: A Christian woman has been beaten and raped by Muslims in Eastern Uganda after she testified against an imam who allegedly killed her…


Threatened with throat-slitting and slaughter: Christian persecution in Swedish asylum centres

But remember, islamophobia is the problem, folks. Obama says, “Islam is peace.” Obama says, “respect it!” John Kerry says, Muslims are lured to jihad by the “regular meals and companionship,” not religion. We are under siege by our so-called leaders. They are not — they are destroyers. “Threatened with throat-slitting and slaughter: Christian persecution in…

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