Freed Ethiopian Christians: “Saudi Government ‘Hates’ Non-Muslims”

Yes, that's right, these are hate crimes. Any Leftists with the guts to speak up??… (deafening silence)… Nope. It's not just the Saudis who hate non-Muslims, it is Islam. It is the ideology. "Freed Ethiopian Christians Claim Saudi Government 'Hates' Non-Muslims" Christian Post, August 10, 2012 (thanks to David) A group of 35 Ethiopian Christians…


An invisible man and his invisible people

The mercilessly persecuted under Islam. And the world stands by. We live in the modern era of the savage.  Obama has completely abandoned the religious minorities that are being crushed in the "islamic spring." As the violence continues to escalate against Christian women and children in Egypt, part of Obama's anti-freedom foreign policy is to…


Bulletin of the Persecution of Christians

June 28 – July 30, 2012 June 28, 2012 Sudan Authorities in Khartoum demolished two church buildings last week, days after confiscating three Catholic schools. Officials from the Ministry of Planning and Housing of the local government authority on June 18 sent bulldozers that destroyed a church building belonging to the St. John Episcopal Church…


Christians flee Islamic “rebels” in Syria

Obama is arming these devout Muslim "rebels." Obama has completely abandoned the religious minorities that are being crushed in the "islamic spring." As the violence continues to escalate against Christian women and children in Egypt, part of Obama's anti-freedom foreign policy is to suppress the horror of what is happening under his watch. He has…


Obama’s Anti-Freedom Strategy: State Department squashes truth about Religious Oppression

America, what have you wrought? We have unleashed a force so evil, the toll will be unimaginable and voiceless. Obama removes Religious Freedom Section from Its Human Rights reports … "State Department To Downplay Religious Oppression" Investors Daily Rights: The U.S. government no longer includes religious freedom in its annual Human Rights Report. We won't…


Syrian Muslim Brotherhood: “victory could be ours”

The crushing march of Islam continues to swallow up whole countries under the anti-freedom presidency of Barack Hussein Obama. I can say, without hesitation, that should Assad fall, the Alawite and Christian bloodbath will be unimaginable. Massive. Monstrous. There are roughly under 3 million Alawites in Syria, and 2 million Christians. Another Islamic genocide that…


Freedom-starved Egyptians threw tomatoes and shoes at Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s motorcade, protest U.S.’s support for Muslim Brotherhood outside US Embassy

Hillary visits Muslim Brotherhood Morsi, as protestors gathered outside the U.S. Embassy in Cairo. Here the Secretary of State, the big pantsuit, was making a new friend: During her speech, Mrs Clinton said: 'When we talk about supporting democracy, we mean real democracy." No wonder he's laughing. What asshattery. Not loving the pantsuit Prominent Christian…


Democrat holds up legislation to protect Middle East religious minorities, sanctions Obama’s abandonment of brutalized non-Muslims in Muslim countries

The monstrous Islamic persecution, oppression and slaughter of Christians, Coptic Christians, Baha’is, Chaldo-Assyrians, Ahmadis, Jews and non-Muslims throughout the Middle East, South Central Asia and other Muslim countries cannot be sanctioned. But Obama is doing just that. Obama's Muslim advisers have gone so far as to block Middle Eastern Christians' access to the White house….


SRO In Defense of Freedom: Ex-Muslims Finally Heard

Standing room only Photo: Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and panel of former Muslims From left, Mohammed Asghar: Originally from Bangladesh, ex-Muslim author and an authority on the Qur’an. Nonie Darwish: Ex-Muslim and human rights activist raised in Gaza; director of Former Muslims United; author of Now They Call Me Infidel; Cruel and Usual Punishment; and…


Obama removes Religious Freedom Section from Its Human Rights Reports

This. is. evil. Obama should be driven from office by villagers with pitchforks and torches. How horrific. The Obama administration is importing whole Muslim communities from Islamic countries like Somalia. Their refugee status determined by the UN. This immigration must stop. Many of these devout Muslims do not assimilate. They agitate for jihad and many…


Obama’s War on Free Speech: Partnering with the OIC Caliphate on “Religious Tolerance”

"The caliphate is alive and growing within Europe. . . .  It has advanced through the denial of dangers and the obfuscating of history. It has moved forward on gilded carpets in the corridors of dialogue, the network of the Alliances and partnerships, in the corruption of its leaders, intellectuals and NGOs, particularly at the United Nations.” Bat…


Obama’s Muslim Advisers Block Middle Eastern Christians’ Access to White House

How deleterious is the influence of devout Muslims and Muslim Brotherhood proxies in the White House? The President of the United States is aiding and abetting the genocide of non-Muslims in Muslim countries worldwide. The slaughter of Christians in Egypt after Obama supported the rise of the Brotherhood in Egypt is a stain on American…


Egypt: Muslims Halt Church Construction, Pelt Coptic Christians with Stones

Muslims are oppressing, persecuting, and slaughtering Christians in Egypt. Non-Muslims suffer daily humiliations, as mandated by the Islamic teachings of religious intolerance. It has been very bad for the Christians, and is getting worse. The latest Islamic supremacist violence left 93 Copts in Kasr El-Aini Hospital, all with injuries ranging from bullet wounds to eye…

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