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Caliphate Selling Sex Slaves on Facebook


Photo: A Yazidi who had been held by ISIS militants as a slave for several months sits in a tent outside Duhok, Iraq. Two different ISIS captives recently appeared to be offered for sale on Facebook. (Alice Martins/For The Washington Post) But Mark Zuckerberg is worried, censoring posts critical of the Muslim invasion of Europe. […]READ MORE

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Muslims murder man over religion


Check out the Guardian headline, “Man murdered over religion.” Always scrubbing, always serving, protecting Islam. “Two men arguing over religion on Thursday night…” No, that’s not what happened. Muslims approached these Jehovah’s Witnesses and began fighting with them, actually stabbing to death one of their victims. Obama says, “Islam is peace.” “Man murdered over religion,” […]READ MORE

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American Lawyer Faces Prison: Targeted by Obama’s DoJ for Aiding Christians in Iraq and Syria


Obama has transformed the Department of Justice in the Department of Sharia. The Obama administration is prosecuting an Assyrian Christian American lawyer for helping Christians escape Muslim persecution in Iraq and Syria. The federal government provides asylum to immigrants who can demonstrate that they were targeted — or have a legitimate fear of being targeted […]READ MORE

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Non-Muslims Threatened by ‘Refugees’ for Declining to Participate in Islamic Prayers


Imagine if Christians ever did this to Muslims….. never happens. But Muslims oppressing, subjugating non-Muslims is expected and tolerated behavior. Excused, even. “Non-Muslim refugees at mercy of other migrants, German group warns Europe,” Europe Online Magazine, May 9, 2016 (thanks to The Religion of Peace): Berlin (dpa) – German refugee centres are not offering adequate […]READ MORE

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Muslims rape and beat Christian woman after testifying against imam who killed her father


As I have said time and again, Islam is not like other religions. Not even close. “Christian woman raped and beaten after testifying against imam in Uganda,” Christian Post, May 3, 2016: A Christian woman has been beaten and raped by Muslims in Eastern Uganda after she testified against an imam who allegedly killed her […]READ MORE

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Threatened with throat-slitting and slaughter: Christian persecution in Swedish asylum centres

migrant center

But remember, islamophobia is the problem, folks. Obama says, “Islam is peace.” Obama says, “respect it!” John Kerry says, Muslims are lured to jihad by the “regular meals and companionship,” not religion. We are under siege by our so-called leaders. They are not — they are destroyers. “Threatened with throat-slitting and slaughter: Christian persecution in […]READ MORE

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More ISIS atrocities surface: 250 women executed for refusing ‘sexual jihad’


More righteous holy war in the cause of Allah. Respect it! Muslims justify raping the sex slaves “because the action would make her Muslim.” “They took young girls, seven, nine and 10 years old,” like their prophet Muhammad and his favorite wife, the six-year-old Aisha. And the Pope is only bringing in Muslim “refugees” to […]READ MORE

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Iraqi Priest: “I’m begging here–begging people of America to recognize it as a genocide”

Iraqi Priest--Whose Church Was Bombed--Begs U.S

And what does the Church in America have to say? Nothing. Instead, they cancel and silence leading Catholic voices in America who challenge creed apartheid under Islam. The Church is America is making it easy for President Obama to deny the Christian holocaust in the Middle East. Obama’s State Dept: Needs More Evidence to Determine […]READ MORE

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Obama’s State Dept: Needs More Evidence to Determine Genocide by ISIS and Assad

isis christians

The mountain of skulls is not enough. The wholesale slaughter of Christians in the Middle East is not enough. But invite Clockmed to the White House because he’s feeling persecuted over his homemade bomb hoax. Obama is as culpable as ISIS. He armed them. He covered for them, and he is still covering for them. […]READ MORE

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Muslims Responsible for ‘Worst Year in Modern History of Christian Persecution’


But remember, islamofauxbia is the problem, and if you dissent, you are a racist-islamofauxbic-anti-muslim-bigot. The media, cultural and political elites’ silence on the extermination of Christians in the Middle East is as evil as this unfathomable genocide. Their vicious persecution of those of us who dedicate our lives to exposing the ideology behind this vicious […]READ MORE

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