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Obama’s Jihad: Record Number of Syrian Refugees Admitted to US So Far in May Includes No Christians

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This is reprehensible and consistent with Obama’s pro-jihad policies. The Christians are the persecuted. The Christians are the oppressed. The Christians are the ones being slaughtered en masse. Why import the assassins? “Record 499 Syrian Refugees Admitted to US So Far in May Includes No Christians,” By Patrick Goodenough, CNS | May 23, 2016 | […]READ MORE

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Obama to CUT Refugee Screening Time for Unvetted Migrants, Terror Concerns on Capitol Hill

migrant border

This is reckless and dangerous. The Paris and Brussels jihadis posed as migrants. Obama has removed the mask — this is an all-out war on our security and our freedom. He stood silent in 2011/2012 when our international organization, SION, called for emergency asylum for Christians and religious minorities trying to escape Islamic supremacist genocide. […]READ MORE

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Obama plots with UN to increase Muslim “refugees” from 10,000 to 200,000

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Obama means to do as much damage as he can in the last months of his failed presidency. Europe is the cautionary tale. It had been struggling with its Muslim population, but this invasion/hijrah is the final nail in the coffin. Obama means to bring it here. Evil. #Obamastan The Post-American Presidency: The Obama Administration’s […]READ MORE

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Invasion: Hundreds of Muslim ‘Refugees’ FLOOD into U.S. Per Week

migrant border

Despite everything we know and have seen in the wake of the Muslim “refugee” invasion of Europe, President Obama is expediting the importation of these invaders into the United States. How is the US government going to distinguish between jihadis and peaceful Muslims when Islam and jihad have been scrubbed from the vetting process? The […]READ MORE

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NY Times Reports on “Serious Concerns with Refugee Terrorists in US”: 14 Muslim “Refugees” Arrested on Terror Charges

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The arrest of a California man on charges that he traveled to Syria to fight with terrorist groups, then lied about it to the Department of Homeland Security, offers new ammunition for both sides in the fierce debate over the refugee policy of the Obama administration. The City Council, County Commissioners, School Board and churches […]READ MORE

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Muslim Migrant Surge: GOP Worried about Thousands Obama is “Interviewing” in Jordan to Bring Here


The Obama administration is sending officials to Jordan to interview thousands of Muslim refugees for the U.S. refugee resettlement program. Does the Obama administration believe that jihadists hellbent on attacking America will be forthright and truthful during these interviews? The Lebanese education minister said there are 20,000 active jihadists among the refugees in his country. […]READ MORE

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Muslim Master Forger of Fake Passports for Jihad Migrants to Europe Arrested in Thailand


The danger that Muslim terrorists could use fake documents to reach Europe and America and stage Islamic atrocities was made horribly plain by the Paris attacks in November. And yet Obama promises to buck any resistance to his jihad refugee immigration plans. “Master forger arrested in Thailand over fake passports for migrants to Europe,” By […]READ MORE

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Syrian refugees admitted into US since Paris jihad murders in November: 525 Muslims, 1 Christian


When Obama says there will be no religious test for migrants and refugees, he is willfully lying. There already is. Syrian refugees admitted into US since Paris jihad murders in November: 525 Muslims, 1 Christian (thanks to Robert Spencer): Relax, kaffir. What could possibly go wrong? Barack Obama and John Kerry have magic powers that […]READ MORE

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Democrats BLOCKED BILL that would tighten the vetting process for Syrian “refugees” seeking asylum in the U.S #ISIS

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After the San Bernardino jihad slaughter demonstrated the catastrophic failure of our current refugee  vetting process, why would the Democrats oppose tightening the process? The party of treason. ISIS has vowed to send jihadis into the West via refugee migration. While the measure passed overwhelmingly in the Republican House late last year, Senate Democrats had […]READ MORE

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WATCH Pamela Geller on Lou Dobbs, FOX Business discussing the 100K Syrian Refugees Obama brought to USA @loudobbsnews

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In case you missed my appearance on Lou Dobbs discussing the 100,000 Syrian refugees Obama has already imported into this country, here it is. As lawmakers clash over refugees, Syrian immigration quietly tops 100,000 since 2012. This will be a national security problem for decades to come. These people haven’t been vetted and can’t be […]READ MORE

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DHS: Only ‘Some’ Paris Attackers Would Have Been Detected on U.S. Border

baraclan paris jihad

The MOAB Trump set off post-San Bernardino with his declaration on Muslim immigration has all but extinguished talk about the real issue: refugee immigration. The majority of Americans do not want the Muslim “refugees” that Obama is bringing in. That’s the issue. Not whether the King of Jordan would be granted entry to the US […]READ MORE

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ISIS has targeted refugee program to enter US, chairman says


Not that a third grader couldn’t have figured this one out. ISIS  said so and have been saying so for well over a year. They warned us. Remember, hundreds of Muslims threw Christians off the boats to their deaths but remember, this is a “humanitarian crisis” just like the Islamic supremacist revolutions were the “Arab […]READ MORE

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Eight ISIS TERRORISTS Apprehended at Airport Posing as “Syrian Refugees”

migrants violent

This is reason enough not to allow Syrian refugees into this country. It’s not rocket science. Obama said today that opposing his plan to import Syrian refugees to America will serve as a “potent recruitment for ISIS.” In other words, surrender to the violence and intimidation of growing Islamic State. Bow and scrape and hope […]READ MORE

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