Police Hide Muslim Identity of Migrants Accused of Raping Woman in Wheelchair

Protests have surged on the Swedish island of Gotland where a wheelchair bound woman was allegedly raped by several migrant men. Six men, all in their 20s, were arrested shortly after the woman reported the rape. All were let go earlier this week, but the investigation is still ongoing. By police accounts, little is known…


Polish magazine NAILS it with cover showing European woman being sexually attacked by ‘migrants’

The cover is causing “outrage?” It’s just as Orwell said: “The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it.” Note the UK publication’s use of the word “white.” It’s not race. It’s religion. She’s non-Muslim. “Polish magazine causes outrage with cover showing white woman being sexually attacked by…


Muslim Ringleader Guilty of Child Gang-Rape and Trafficking Claims He Was Convicted Due to Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Why shouldn’t this savage make such claims? The ongoing rape of infidel girls is sanctioned in Islam. There were thousands of Muslim sex trafficking gangs, and for years law enforcement did nothing for fear of appearing to be islamofauxbic and racist (Islam is not a race). Guilty of the most egregious, disgusting, misogynist religious crimes,…


Muslim Men Living “By Their Own Laws” in UK, Rape Victims and Their Families Harassed, Threatened by Muslim Community

Read what happened to this young girl and her family after she was gang-raped by a Muslim mob of a dozen men. Both she and her family have received ongoing abuse and intimidation from rapists’ families. So brazen were the rapists, one gave her parents the finger, not once but twice during the trial. Another…


12 Muslims Jailed 140 Years for Gang-Raping 13-Year-Old Girl, Muslim Community Claims SHE was Partly to Blame

These Muslim child rape gangs were proliferating before the Muslim invasion. Hundreds of thousands of non-Muslim girls were raped, trafficked, bought and sold. For years the authorities did nothing for fear of appearing “islamophobic.” When a nation sacrificing its young girls, it’s doomed. I have interviewed victims of these rape jihad gangs. No one would…


Muslim “refugee” sexually assaulted 25-year-old victim after telling her ‘German women are just there for sex’

“Almost three weeks after the incident a total of 838 people have filed criminal complaints, including 497 women alleging sexual assault.” Migrant sexually assaulted 25-year-old victim after telling her ‘German women are just there for sex’ Migrant approached 25-year-old as she walked home from railway station He offered to pay her for sex and sexually…


Austria: Schoolgirls Sexually Abused for Months by Young Muslim “Refugee” Pupils

More reports of European countries sacrificing their young girls on the altar of Islamic supremacism. School girls were sexually assaulted and groped by the boys for months. The girls had suffered for so long without reporting the abuse, as authorities most obviously turned a blind eye. The headmaster said that the male pupils had all…


Muslim Attacks: Refugee Kicks Woman in the Face, Breaks Her Cheekbone, When She Resists Rape

Rape jihad continues. An Iraq refugee sexually molested and harassed two young women in the early morning of January 6 on the station platform in Schwetzingen, Germany. When they asked him to stop, the Muslim kicked the woman; she suffered a painful broken cheekbone and was hospitalized. The savage had only been living in Germany…


Girl, 17, is ‘raped’ and her 14-year-old sister sexually assaulted as she tried to save her from Muslim migrants at German public swimming pool

Any nation that does not protect its young girls, its future, is finished. A growing body of evidence suggests German police are hobbled at every possibly opportunity by the Federal government from dealing with the criminal migrant problem, with one officer complaining they have even been banned from preventing suspects escaping custody….. (here) This is Germany….


NYE Terror Attacks: Sexual/Criminal Rapefugee Complaints Climb to 600 and Growing

The scale of these mass Muslim attacks is only now beginning to be made known. When I first broke the story in the US here on January 3rd, I reported hundreds of migrants had sexually attacked and robbed non-Muslim European girls. It wasn’t hundreds, it was thousands. Yesterday, it was 379 criminal complaints, today it…

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