Donald Trump’s first 100 days: How he can undo Barack Obama’s America

Salon and the rest of the left enemedia are looking forward to the coming Trump administration with shock and horror: “let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that his election isn’t an unmitigated disaster. It is.” Yes, it is — for them and all the traitors who have been doing everything they could to weaken America…


Washington Post Blames Pamela Geller, Counter Terror Activists for Trump

This is laughable but emblematic of how ugly, desperate, and dishonest the enemedia is to further their vicious anti-freedom agenda. Here’s what’s most revealing, the writer of this Washington Post smear piece, Abigail Hauslohner, interviewed me at length, she used none of it. Here is the interview in its entirety: From the Washington Post —…



AP CALLED IT! We waited for our miracle and it came. G-d loves us! Imagine, against all odds, despite the overwhelming media, Hollywood, music industry, Obama, & entertainment industry anti-Trump unending onslaught — the American people spoke and won. Trump won — but it was we the people who won. Watching the returns come it…

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