Britain is world’s leading recruiting ground for al-Qaeda

And what does the British government do in response to this? It bans counter-jihad speakers from entering the country. Note to the British government: banning Robert Spencer and me won’t help fight this scourge. But it’s clear that you don’t have the courage or will to fight it. Unless you turn the situation around quickly,…

Discredited Liar Fiyaz Mughal OBE Loses Libel Fight Over Telegraph Piece He Claimed Branded Him a “Muslim Extremist”

Back in 2013, Andrew Gilligan of The Telegraph exposed discredited liar Fiyaz Mughal OBE (it is astounding, and telling, that this vile liar would have been honored by the British crown) and his fabrications and exaggerations of attacks against Muslims both before and after the jihad beheading of Lee Rigby on a public street outside…


UK: Yet Another Muslim Rape Gang Convicted of Sexually Abusing Schoolgirl

Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of non-Muslim tween and teen girls have been brutally victimized by an ever-increasing number of savage Muslim gangs in the UK. After scores of convictions, the Muslim community attempted to address the problem with anti-grooming sermons held across the country, but many mosques refused to cooperate. “These men were enjoying the sex…

Former UK Home Secretary Jack Straw: Muslims must accept that “there is a set of values – some of which I would say are Christian based – which permeate our sense of citizenship”

This is simple common sense, and is highly unexpected coming from someone who was in Tony Blair’s government, and it is probably too late. The British have already thrown away their “set of values…which permeate our sense of citizenship” with both hands. It was British authorities, including Jack Straw, who encouraged the environment of appeasement…

UK: Devout Muslim Who Calls for Stoning of Adulterers and Lashing of Gays Runs Islamic School with £1Million of Taxpayers’ Money

The British authorities banned us for warning of this very thing. They brought it on themselves. The British authorities have invited this Islamic supremacism by ignoring its existence and demonizing those who called attention to its existence, behaving as if they were the problem rather than those Muslims who would move to impose Sharia values…

Former Imam Used London Mosque As “Base of Operations for the Global Export of Violence and Terror”

“Mustafa Kamel Mustafa, the former north London imam more commonly known by his alias Abu Hamza, used his Finsbury Park mosque in the mid and late-1990s as his ‘base of operations for the global export of violence and terror’, a US prosecutor has told a New York court.” But with a British government that wants to make London into a global center of Sharia finance, what’s the problem with that? To be consistent, they should be embracing Abu Hamza, not sending him to the US to stand trial.

UK: Muslim NHS Doctor Gave List of Military Attaches in Muslim Countries’ UK Embassies to Islamic Supremacist Group

“An NHS psychiatrist compiled a list of military attachés working in the embassies of Arab countries in London and distributed it to fellow members of an extremist Islamist organisation, The Telegraph can disclose. Questions were being asked over why Dr Imran Waheed, a consultant psychiatrist, had collected the names and sent them to other members of Hizb ut-Tahrir (HT). There is no note with his email explaining why he gathered the names. But a source familiar with HT said: ‘There were a number of meetings where these names were discussed. These were people Hizb ut-Tahrir wanted to target and recruit.'” This is what Once-Great Britain has come to.

UK: Devout Muslim Who Trained 7/7 Jihad Bomber Sets Up Islamic School

“A terror suspect who trained the ringleader of the 7/7 terrorist bombings in London has been allowed to set up an Islamic primary school, teaching children as young as three…As a member of a banned extremist group, Sajeel Shahid, 38, called for violence against British troops and ran a training camp in Pakistan where known terrorists learned how to make bombs and fire rocket- propelled grenades.” Pathetic. The Brits have lost it. Their descent into dhimmitude has been shocking to see.

UK Devout Muslim Preacher Claims Washington Mudslide Was Act of Allah

“Choudary – who is known for his incendiary and extremist rhetoric, as well as links to convicted terrorists – tweeted on Tuesday: ‘The village of Oso Washington USA was washed away by Allah & disappeared without trace on Saturday! A lesson for everyone of Allah’s power!'” Note to the British government: banning Robert Spencer and me won’t help fight this scourge. Devout Muslim cleric Anjem Choudary has also recently warned on national British television that there would be more Muslims beheading infidels in the streets of London.

UK: Number of Muslims in Prison Doubles to 12,000 in the Last Decade

“The number of Muslims in the prison population has more than doubled to nearly 12,000 in a decade, figures from the Ministry of Justice show. The dramatic rise prompted calls for ministers to investigate whether police and the courts are treating Muslims more harshly, with some suggesting the rise is due to Islamophobia.” Of course! What else could be its cause? Surely not the Islamic supremacist contempt for infidel laws.

Muslim convert recites verses from the Koran while threatening to kill non-Muslims before going on a knife rampage attacking police, firemen and ‘kuffars’

A Muslim convert was heard chanting that he wanted to kill non-Muslims hours before going on a knife rampage and trying to kill a police officer and firefighters.

The man was tasered multiple times and arrested on suspicion of trying to kill a police officer after launching his attack in broad daylight on a busy London street.

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