Comfortable, affluent life of Westminter jihadi

As I have often said, it is not poverty, lack of opportunity or hardship that creates jihad killers — the common denominator is Islam. Here again we have further proof of the lie. The Westminster killer lived with his glamorous businesswoman partner and two devoted daughters in a 900K gated home before his descent into carnage


UK: Muslim President of the National Union of Students rails against “islamophobia” and “racism” in wake of attack, no mention of victims

The usual Muslims are the victims response. Why not condemn Jihad terrorism and the Quranic text and teachings that command it – just for a change.? Once. Never do we see Muslims self-reflect or look inward. Always after an Islamic attack, the targets are attacked. Again, in the information. battle-space.

‘Her statement almost seems to be trying to justify Khalid Masood’s actions as a defence of her fantasies about racism and xenophobia. ”
Muslims that flog us with post-attack attacks are just as culpable as the suicide bombers and shooters.


First PHOTOS: London jihad murderer converted to Islam in jail

Another prison hatched jihadi. The violent, broken and disenfranchised are easy prey for imams and Muslim gangs who intimidate and harass inmates to convert to Islam. And while priests and rabbis make perfunctory visits to attend their incarcerated flock, imams, on the other had, come twice or thrice weekly and institute dawah programs, activities and smuggle contraband in order to actively recruit to Islam.


British politician on London Muslim terrorist: “The fact that the man is a Muslim is utterly and completely irrelevant”

That he was deeply religious is irrelevant.

That he did it in the cause of Allah is irrelevant.

That holy war is commanded under Islam is irrelevant.

That slay the unbeliever is the quranic clarion call across the global jihad is irrelevant.

Reality is irrelevant.

Relevancy is irrelevant.

The UK is irrelevant.

Truth is irrelevant.


London Attack: U.S. citizen Kurt Cochran was killed while celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary, wife hospitalized with broken bones

A Utah man celebrating his 25th wedding anniversary in London was among those killed in Wednesday’s attack outside the U.K. Parliament. Kurt Cochran and his wife, Melissa, had stopped in London during a tour of Europe and were planning to return home today.

An American was murdered in an Islamic terror attack and we hear nothing of this in the enemedia. Instead we are tortured with lectures about Islam, “one of the world’s great religions.” We are warned against identifying this Islamic attack as Islamic lest we be “racist” “bigots” “islamophobes.” While the streets of London are still fresh with blood we are told that Muslims’ feelings are paramount and that they don’t feel safe. They don’t feel safe.


London terrorist UK-born Muslim named Khalid Masood, 52

There needs to be a serious discussion of when religious freedom ends and sedition and subversion and treason begin. Religious freedom is not a license to kill or to exhort people to kill. The freedoms that people enjoy in Western societies were never envisioned as to be enjoyed even at the expense of the lives of other people or the health of those societies.


Artificial Distinction: Theresa May says “Islamist” London attack “not Islamic,” “perversion of a great faith”

What does it mean to say that someone or something is “Islamist” as opposed to “Islamic”? Nothing, really, except that the person speaking doesn’t want to offend Islam by speaking unwelcome truths about the political nature of the religion.”It is Islamist terrorism,” Theresa May said. “It is a perversion of a great faith.” What is perverted? They quote Quran and Hadith, chapter and verse. When did May get her PhD in Islamic theology? What does she know of it? Is she more knowledgeable Abu Bakr al-Baghdad, the caliph of the Islamic State, a religious scholar all of his life who received his PhD in Islamic theology?


London attacker was UK-born Muslim who had been investigated for “violent extremism”

Lone wolf? Known wolf? None of the generic, deceptive labels invented by left-wing elites to whitewash Islamic terror will do here. There are now eight others arrested in London and Birmingham. So he was not “lone,” an insulting euphemism. There are no lone wolves in the global jihad.

According to PM May he was only a peripheral figure. Whatever that means. It sounds like saying someone is a ‘little pregnant.’ How much jihad puts one inside the periphery?


“Our shared values”

U.K. Home Secretary Amber Rudd, said the attacks that left several dead should not be seen as a means of compromising “our shared values,” the Guardian reported.

This photo reflects the shared values with the ummah (the worldwide Muslim community).

A picture worth a thousand words. While complete strangers help the wounded in the London attack, a good citizen minds her own business.

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