Islamic museum to be built with Sharia financing on site of failed Ground Zero Mosque

I think an Islamic museum at Ground Zero dedicated to the half  billion victims of jihadi wars, land appropriations, sharia, cultural annihilations, enslavements, and sharia enforcement is an excellent idea, but is that what Sharif El-Gamal has in mind? No. It is disgusting that El-Gamal continues to taunt and poke America’s most egregious recent memory….

Pamela Geller on the Geraldo Rivera Radio show UPDATE: Rescheduled to tomorrow

UPDATE: Geraldo’s producer just called and rescheduled for tomorrow. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t happen. Heads up. I will on the Geraldo Rivera Radio show this morning at 11:30 to talk about  Ground Zero mosque developer Sharif El Gamal’s new plan to build a three-story museum “dedicated to exploring the faith of Islam.” One…

Developer kills plan for ‘Ground Zero mosque’

Photos of my AFDI/SIOA rally protesting the Ground Zero mosque on 9/11/10 The New York Times has a big write-up on the latest developments on the now-scrapped Ground Zero mosque plan. All of you who fought that 15-story mosquestrosity with us — kudos to you.  We fought back and we won. Sharon Otterman, the writer…

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