Tennessee Muslim Students’ Calls to ‘Annihilate Jewish, Zionist Dogs’

Muslim students groups bring hate, ugliness, and violence to American college campuses. These groups should be banned. Any group inciting to genocide and murder must be prohibited from campuses. Instead, these savage supremacists play the victim when challenged on their hate. Tennessee Students’ Calls to ‘Annihilate Jewish, Zionist Dogs’ Uncovered by Covert Campus Watchdog By…


Portland State U: Film on ex-Muslims facing threats and abuse denounced as “atheist Islamophobia”

The documentary film featured the personal testimonies of ex-Muslims who have faced death threats, severe abuse and ostracization [sic] from their communities for leaving Islam….Some students found the event insensitive given the political climate, while others thought the event promoted discrimination.


‘Islamapalooza,’ the Islam Fair, Comes to University of Florida

Islam Appreciation Month kicked off this week at the University of Florida, a campaign that runs through October 24 that’s sponsored by the student organization, Islam on Campus. Islam on Campus – UF, according to its Facebook page, “is a student organization at the University of Florida devoted to strengthening and uniting the Muslim community…


Muslim Students at St. Louis University Demo in Support of JIHAD TERROR

The new Nazis. Same as the old Nazis. And school administrators have caved in and turned the keys to the kingdom over to totalitarians and fascists; “Last week an administrator at Saint Louis University told the conservative and Republican students organizing the talk that they were not allowed to use the words ‘radical Islam’ on…


Muslim Teen Told: Yes, You Must Shake Female Teacher’s Hand

Finally, a semblance of sanity returns … A 15-year-old Muslim boy taking classes in Switzerland lost his appeal for what he said was religious freedom – that he couldn’t shake his teacher’s hand because she was a female. Fox News reports: “The issue started in April, when Amer Salhani and his older brother refused to…


Sharia Demands on Toronto Schools: Muslim Parents Refuse to Send Their Children to Music Class, it’s Haram

Islamic supremacists invoke religious freedom and violations of their religious rights when no such rights exist for non-Muslims under the sharia. I am sure the irony is lost on the Muslim community, as they tend to be humorless (humor, like music, is haram under Islamic law). The extraordinary time and money spent challenging music education…


Student Makes Bomb Threat, Maryland Middle School Does Nothing, “I have a bomb in my car, Allahu Akbar!” @AACountySchools

A concerned parent from Chesapeake Bay Middle School in Pasadena, Maryland wrote me, deeply troubled by an islamic threat made in her child’s school. An aggressive Muslim student made the following threat to the other children: “My name is Jafar, I come from afar, I have a bomb in my car Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!”…

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