VOTE on mega-mosque project in Prince William County, Virginia

The big question is whether or not the US Department of Justice will once again side with the jihadis and threaten a lawsuit under RLUIPA. The Obamanistas at Justice distorted the meaning of this federal land use law and used it as a stick to beat numerous local governments into approving massive megamosque construction in violation of local laws. It continues to be the practice unabated by the election of The well-meaning President Trump.


ACTION ALERT: Go and Speak Tonight Against Islamization in San Diego Schools

For weeks I have been reporting on the recent changes in accordance with the Shariah in San Diego schools. There is meeting at the San Diego United Scool District open to the public. The islamization and madrassing of the San Diego public schools is a violation of the establishment clause. Now is the time to do something, say something. Go.

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