Texas public high school defends its Islamic prayer room after warning from state deputy attorney general

Where at Liberty High School is the Christian prayer room? The Jewish prayer room? The Hindu prayer room? This is a violation of the establishment clause. As is the dawah, the proselytizing, in our public schools by way of the curriculum.

Finally push-back. Let’s hope this is the beginning of the de-islamization of the public schools.


Ex-“Radical” Muslim: Jihadists Are Sending Students to Top Colleges in America

“Educational jihad pays the tuition of the students to send them to high prestigious colleges and universities in the Western world. They pay their Harvard education, they pay Princeton, they pay Yale….. so those people could be in high places in power to dictate what needs to happen in the Western world [and] to Islamize the Western world,” says former devout Muslim, Isik Abla.


Muslim students ‘threatened to BEHEAD non-Muslim staff in name of ISIS’ at high school in Australia

The school’s principal was a convert to Islam who ran this public school with a Muslim majority student population into a madrassa for jihad recruitment. Convert Chris Griffiths Mr Griffiths and deputy principal Joumana Dennaoiu were adhering to the fundamental principles of Islam – gender segregation, incitement to jihad and a disregard Australian law and law enforcement. What is so troubling is that they both were were allowed to stay in their positions for so long and that they both were eventually moved to another school and not fired. These treacherous Muslims should be jail — not “radicalizing” another school.

But it is not just Griffith’s influence here. What are these Muslim students learning at home? At mosque?


‘NOT Wearing a hijab turns women into whores’: SECOND headteacher says there’s Islamic takeover at British school with Muslim governors

This is what happens when a host country imports Muslims in large numbers. Muslims are the only immigrant group that comes to the West with a ready-made model of society they believe to be superior.

We see creeping islamization in American public schools. Proselytizing and promoting Islam in the Common Core curriculum is now nationwide. This is merely the next step

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