US Mosque Holds Memorial For Jihad Assassin Who Murdered Pakistani Governor Because He Opposed Blasphemy Law under Sharia

This is why we don’t see more Muslim reformers. Not only are they targeted for death but they are celebrated by “moderates” here in America. Taseer dared to oppose the blasphemy law that Muslims in Pakistan have used for years now to persecute and attack Christians. This is the sharia behind the Charlie Hebdo slaughter and the multiple death attempts on my life.


Terror Experts ‘Very Concerned’ About Sen. Elizabeth Warren Aide and His Jihad-Terror Tied Mosque

Elizabeth Warren agreed to speak Sunday at the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center at the urging of staffer Hamza Abdelgany, who is a member of the mosque, which has graduated no fewer than 13 terrorists and recently was caught on video defending many of the terrorists, even after they were convicted. The Democrats – the official party of jihad.

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