Sgt. Derrick Miller: He Fought For Them, But They Won’t Fight For Him

If you are Hillary Clinton, you can blame reckless decisions that result in the deaths of 4 brave American Sons in Benghazi on the “fog of war,” but a good Soldier like Sgt. Derrick Miller, who willingly deployed 3 times to the horrendously dangerous “win their hearts and minds” battlefield of Afghanistan, gets slammed away for life for protecting himself and his Brothers.


Islamic State Hacking Division Posts Military Names, Addresses, Phones: “Soon with the permission of Allah will strike at your necks in your own lands!”

The Islamic State Hacking Division has hacked and released military and government information info. Junaid Hussain is in on this — he’s a British jihadist believed to be in Syria who is part of ISIS  hacking division. I am appalled at Obama’s indifference to the safety and security of our military while obsessively pursing a…

As Caliphate Rises, Obama gives pink slips to thousands of soldiers, including active-duty officers

The Islamic State is on the march, tearing thought the Middle East and Africa and beyond, and Obama has scrubbed all counter-terror materials of jihad and Islam, has armed the jihadists in Syria, Libya, and Gaza and now …. is slashing our military. Stay on top of what’s really happening. Follow me on Twitter here….

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