Ryan Owen RIP: Why Were Record High Numbers of U.S War Dead and 20K Wounded Troops Under Obama IGNORED by Democrats and Leftwingers?

The Democrats are employing the same fake, forced concern for US Navy Seal, William “Ryan” Owen, killed in a critical counter-terror op in Yemen has refused in January, as they are for for the continuing spate of antisemitic acts. They couldn’t give a fig. Under President Obama incoherent foreign policy and crippling rules of engagement, the death toll and number of injured of US soldiers spiked to unprecedented levels not seen seen since the Vietnam War. The enemedia never spoke it – ever.


Muslim BBC boss who put an Islamic State backer on a reality show PROMOTED, becomes head of religious TV

The executive who put a terror sympathiser on TV now heads BBC religious programming on screen. Fatima Salaria provoked uproar by giving Anthony Small a platform on Muslims Like Us, a reality-style show. The convicted fraudster and former boxing champion, now known as Abdul Haqq, was a member of hate preacher Anjem Choudary’s inner circle.


MSNBC News Anchor: ‘Our Job’ Is to Control ‘Exactly What People Think’

This uber-left authoritarian has now confessed what I have warned for well over a decade. Now you know. She is hardly alone. She speaks for the herd of left-wing propaganda activists otherwise known as the enemedia. Goebbelesque. Contrary to the beliefs of these intellectual thugs and goons, their job is not to control what we think. Their job, long abandoned no doubt, is to report the news without prejudice.


Exploiting Anne Frank: Enemedia Elevates Carny-barkers and Charlatans to “Experts” to Bash Trump

Anne Frank is spinning in her grave. The enemedia elevates carny-barkers and frauds who say things they want to hear. Enemedia news reports like the NY Times, CNN, Washington Post, et al elevated a self-promoting Trump-basher to expert status because he continues to attack Trump despite the President’s condemnation of recent ‘horrible’ anti-Semitic threats.

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