EXCLUSIVE COVERAGE: Leftists Hold Pathetic Anti-Trump Tax Day Protest, “Show Us Your Tax Return” – NYC

Privileged white upper-class New York Marxists march against Trump, full of self-righteousness and avidly virtue-signaling. The big issue? Not jihad terror. Not North Korea. Not any genuine threat or problem. These tools were upset about Trump’s tax returns — a non-issue that already backfired on Rachel Maddow.


Monster #MAGA President Trump Rally: “I want to speak to you without the filter of the fake news”

I love this. The left-wing destroyers are rioting and inciting to violence. The good must come out in support of our President.

And these rallies should be held regularly for these two key reasons; It gives voice to the voiceless and it leapfrogs over the enemedia and gives Trump an unedited, unbiased platform to speak directly to the American people without their perverted framing.

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