“Journalist” Cathy Young (@CathyYoung63) publishes Pamela Geller’s location while hitting SPLC for doing what she does

I have an ISIS fatwa on my head. Cathy Young is, luckily, wrong about my whereabouts, but why is she publishing my location in the first place? Does she want to see ISIS kill me? Here’s the good news: neither you nor I were born Cathy Young. Here’s the good news: neither you nor I…


Petition: Remove 13 freedom fighters from the SPLC’s list of “anti-Muslim extremists”

This is an important petition highlighting the hypocrisy and double standards of the left. A message from Robert Spencer: “Remove 13 freedom fighters from the SPLC’s list of ‘anti-Muslim extremists,’” by Robert Spencer, Jihad Watch, October 30, 2016: Some supporters of Maajid Nawaz and Ayaan Hirsi Ali have started a petition at Change.org, “Remove Maajid…


Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz enraged about being on SPLC hit list of “anti-Muslim extremists” with “real bigots”

Maajid Nawaz is furious to have been included on the SPLC’s hit list along with the likes of…me. He rages: “I’m listed there with people such as Pam Geller? It’s unbelievable.” And setting aside my disdain for naming any individuals on lists, to include me alongside Pam Geller is patently absurd. Pam Geller furiously opposed…


Christians Bigger Threat Than Jihadis: Professor

A professor at Northwestern University told students in her “Confronting Fundamentalism” lecture that the biggest threat to the safety of citizens is fundamental Christianity – not Islam. The professor, Catherine M. Wallace, self-identifies as a Christian, and made the remarks while lecturing at the Seminary Co-op Bookstore at the University of Chicago. She said, according…


Politico Reporter Busted Seeking OK for Stories From Clinton Camp: Yes, I’m a ‘Hack’

A reporter for Politico – or, more in truth, a sorry excuse for a reporter for the left-leaning Politico – was busted by WikiLeaks for sending his stories to the Hillary Clinton camp for pre-post, pre-publication approval. And his excuse? No excuse – he simply admitted he was “a hack” for the Clinton campaign. Unbelievable….


BDS Leader Omar Al-Barghouthi: Black Lives Matter Support Us because Freedom for Palestine Means Freedom for Blacks in the U.S.

BDS and Black Lives Matter are both movements dedicated to intimidation and thuggery. The Leftist proponents of a race war have embraced the global jihad against Israel. The Leftist/jihadist alliance continues to deepen. “BDS Leader Omar Al-Barghouthi: Black Lives Matter Support Us because Freedom for Palestine Means Freedom for Blacks in the U.S.,” MEMRI, September…


WATCH: ‘Swedes Must Integrate With Migrants,’ Says Government-backed Org

Despite the wild spike in rape, murder, sex crimes and the rapid deterioration of the social fabric of daily life, the Swedish government hits bottom and keeps on digging. Pity this girl or this girl wasn’t in the video: “WATCH: ‘Swedes Must Integrate With Migrants’ Says Government-Backed Multicultural Propaganda,” Breitbart, September 20, 2016: A charity…


White House Spokesman Josh Earnest on NYC/NJ terror: “This war is a battle of … NARRATIVES”

As bombs go off in the streets of New York City, jihad shoot-outs in the streets (with four cops shot), and shoppers are at first questioned whether they are Muslim or not — before being stabbed repeatedly — the spokesman for the President of the United States describes the war as a “battle of narratives.”…


‘ISIS in America’ Cases on the Rise: Feds Call for Vigilance

Talk about burying the lead. Way at the bottom of a Reuters story on recent statistics of ISIS-tied prosecutions in America was this tidbit: “The Department of Justice charged 60 people last year with supporting or committing crimes because of their sympathies to Islamic State, the largest annual figure on record.” Catch that? “The largest…


France: Muslims savagely beat ANTIFA writer and his 12-year-old son for insulting Islam

Poetic justice. Antifa savagely brutalizes defenders of freedom in Europe. The so-called “anti-fascists” are the most fascist group around. Gilberti now has been beaten for “insulting Islam.” How many people has he himself beaten for “insulting Islam”? “Antifa Writer Beaten Up By Muslims Shouting ‘Filthy White,’”,by Virginia Hale, Breitbart, September 5, 2016: Writer Ghislain Gilberti…


CNN and ENEMEDIA go after Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer Fields Storm of Criticism Over Clinton-Trump Forum – NY Times Behind the scenes, NBC execs concede Matt Lauer forum performance was “disaster’ CNN Matt Lauer is panned over his handling of candidate forum Los Angeles Times‎ Hey Matt Lauer, welcome to my world. Now Matt Lauer knows what it feels like to be…

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