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[ June 28, 2017 ]

State of ‘Collapse’: Italy Overwhelmed as 13,500 Muslim Migrants Arrive in Past Two Days

[ June 28, 2017 ]

Six Muslims ‘with links to Islamic State’ arrested in raids across Europe, including IMAM to...

[ June 28, 2017 ]

Sen. Dick Durbin REFUSES to Release His Emails With GOP Baseball Gunman

[ June 28, 2017 ]

Parisians get “NO-GO ZONE” warning app

[ June 28, 2017 ]

Iran Erects Flag on Israel’s Border: ‘We’re Coming’

[ June 28, 2017 ]

VIDEO Hero officer describes fighting off 3 London Bridge knife-wielding jihadis ARMED WITH ONLY A...

[ June 28, 2017 ]

Trump’s 5-Year Ban on Welfare for Immigrants Gets Thumbs-Up From 62 Percent

[ June 28, 2017 ]

Tracking Extremism, Post-Manchester: ‘They Blow Us Up and We Sing John Lennon’s ‘Imagine”

[ June 28, 2017 ]

MUST WATCH Debate: Geert Wilders KO’s Dutch Prime Minister Rutte about Islam

[ June 28, 2017 ]

Beheaded Bodies Of Filipino Civilians Discovered, Butchered By ISIS Jihadis


Giant Muslim Lie Debunked: French Supreme Court Acquits Israeli Doctor in Intifada case, Al Dura Lied

The giant Muslim lie, Al Dura, which set off the second intifada, has been debunked repeatedly. The persistent nature of the Jewish blood libel was advanced not by Islamic supremacists (notorious for their vile Jew-hatred), but by Jew-haters in the media, specifically France 2. Photo right: Postage stamp depicting the Al-dura blood libel. PostPalestinian Propaganda…


Nidra Poller reports from the Paris courtroom on the Dreyfus-like affair: Presiding judge Laurent Trébucq of the 11e Chambre d’Appel announced the verdict in the al Dura case at 1:50 PM today. It only took her two minutes to say in her sweetest voice: Philippe Karsenty is acquitted, the plaintiffs–France 2 and Charles Enderlin–are dismissed….


Finally, the missing footage from the Pali Arab manufactured  lie, Al Dura. Disseminated by the French media whores for the jihad. Al Dura, the lie that started the second intifida.   Watching these tapes,  one can only feel intensely sorry for the Israel. Look what they have to deal with. Think about it. ‘Over at the…

Enderlin Should Suffer the Fate of His Victims: Arafat’s Bloody Lie

Charles Enderlin has a lot to answer for. Primarily crimes against humanity. His hand and his Caroline Glick said, Enderlin’s alleged hoax went beyond journalistic malfeasance. He put blind faith in the reports of a cameraman who was clearly lying to him. And when faced with the facts of the deception, he aggressively dismissed them…

Al Dura: Alfred Dreyfus Redux

UPDATED: RUSHES CUT! SCROLL! The screening of the al Durah Rushes should take place in a Paris courtroom today. This will mark a real turning point in the fight for a more honest media. Richard Landes at Second Draft will be one of the invited viewers in the court. Richard and Yaacov over at Belly…

Al Dura: Karsenty Press Conference

**UPDATED: NEW VIDEO: SEE BELOW** What if you exposed a great lie, a lie so big that it set off a war – and you held a press conference to expose that lie and no one came? The worst blood libel of this young century. Welcome to the 21st century. The incitement for the violent…

Sharansky on Al Dura Blood Libel

“It’s Official: Al Dura Staged” Sharansky’s oped in Wall Street Journal is a must read. Israel should have gotten involved long ago. They can not abdicate their responsibility for accountability and truth when the world is working feverishly to delegitimize and ultimately destroy them. The media is aligned with terror force. The rhetorical question remains…

It’s Official: Al Dura Staged

VINDICATED! Philippe Karsenty Karsenty, Landes all the truth tellers vindicated. Philippe Karsenty was tried and found guilty in France eerily echoing the  Alfred Dreyfus affair — found guilty by a notoriously antisemitic French court. Guilty for revealing, exposing  the truth – the staging of Al Dura hoax. A libel that set off the second intifada…


Al Dura – the catalyst for the second intifada. Al Dura – the blood libel Pali marketing tool used  for incitement to murder. Al Dura – resulting in countless deaths of Jews. Innocent civilians. Phillip Karsenty was tried and found guilty in France eerily echoing the  Dreyfus affair — found guilty by a Jew hating…

Al Dura: The Dreyfus Affaire Redux

Rich Landes, editor of dinner at the  Hudson Institute last night). He is winging it to France to testify in the lawsuit  against three innocent truth tellers in the Al Durah affair, the most shameful of all stains. The French don’t change. Spineless, Jew hating demagogues. Exposing the staging of Al Durah will have its…

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