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[ June 27, 2017 ]

British Community College in headscarf battle: Muslims say new ‘swimming cap’ style veil is ‘not...

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Trump Slammed by U.N. for Undermining Civil Liberties of ISIS Jihadists

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Bungee Jump Death Raises Questions About Foreigners’ ‘Incorrect’ English

[ June 27, 2017 ]

“Moderate” Indonesia: ISIS jihadis screaming “Allahu akbar” stab police officer to death

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Malaysian university professor finances ISIS, killed waging jihad in Philippines

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Project Veritas Strikes: CNN Producer Caught Calling Russia-Trump ‘Bulls–‘

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Muslim Migrant in Ireland Investigated for Fraud Funding of ISIS

[ June 26, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslim opens fire on car full of women, outside nightclub

[ June 26, 2017 ]

Bloodiest 2017 Ramadan in Modern History

[ June 26, 2017 ]

Belgium: “They’re in such denial. It’s such a frightening thing to admit their country is...


“Moderate” Tunisia: Third Muslim country BANS Wonder Woman because of JEWISH Star

The world bows to the most vicious, bigoted, hateful and violent ideology on the face of earth. We are told to respect this “evil.” We are forced to be tolerant of the intolerant.

Islamic Jew-hatred — it’s a central tenet of Islam.

Three Muslim countries held up as “moderate” models of Muslim governance have actually banned the blockbuster movie because of its Jewish star.


Lebanon Passenger Flight Bound for Portland, Oregon Contained 2 HELLFIRE MISSILES

Obama/Kerry’s Iran deal is bearing more fruit…. “Bomb-sniffing dog discovers 2 Hellfire missiles bound for Portland,” AFP, March 13, 2016 (thanks to Armaros): BELGRADE, Serbia — Serbia’s authorities are investigating reports that a cargo package bound for Portland contained two missiles with explosive warheads on a passenger flight from Lebanon. N1 television said the package…


Lebanon No More: “Hezbollah’s Iranian colony”

As the order of the world suffers seismic shifts seemingly overnight, the man who could have done the most but did the worst is still protected and exalted by the enemedia mafia. Read Caroline Glick’s blistering report on the defeat of Lebanon, Israel’s northern neighbor. Speaking of which, when is PM Netanyahu going to name…


ISIS Attacks Christians in Lebanon

Next up: Lebanon in the cross-hairs. The Islamic State means to cleanse the region of all non-Muslims and religious minorities, in accordance with Islamic law (sharia). “ISIS Attacks Christians in Lebanon,” New York Magazine, June 25, 2015 The nail salon in the picturesque village of Ras Baalbek looks like any other nail salon in Lebanon….


Terrorist in the White House

Obama is unequivocally aligned with the jihad force. The media’s deliberate silence on what is de facto treason and this stealth jihad has left the American people blind, deaf and dumb to the coming catastrophes. “Arabs: Why is Obama Siding with Supporters of Terrorism?” by By Khaled Abu Toameh, February 26, 2015 (thanks to Paul…

Jihadists Firing at Israel from Lebanon; Third Straight Day of Fire from the North

The malevolent silence by the enemedia on the relentless rockets raining down on Israel from Hamas is savage. Lebanon bears watching. Hezb’Allah better be careful — they are in the Islamic State’s sights as well (Hezb’Allah is Shia and the Islamic State is Sunni). Hezb’Allah needs Israel in order to survive. “Israel returns fire after…

Sharia in Lebanon: Australian Woman Charged with Adultery; “I would put a bullet between her eyes, says her brother, “I hope she rots in hell”

A young Australian woman is on the run after being charged with adultery in Lebanon (up until the late 20th century, a Christian nation).  Sharia in action. Mahassen Issa, 29, was due to return home to her two children, aged six and nine, when she was charged with adultery over the weekend. She had flown…

Muslim Cleric To Netanyahu: “Allah Willing, We Will Give The Skulls of Your Midgets As Gifts”

Apparently this Muslim holy man is watching way too much Game of Thrones. Association of Muslim Scholars in Lebanon, no less. Scholars. Muslim cleric to Netanyahu: “We will give the skulls of your midgets as gifts for our children’s feet to play with” by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik, PMW, July 18, 2014 Throughout…

Upscale Hotel Suicide-bombed in Lebanese Capital

A suicide bomber blew himself up in his room at a Beirut hotel Wednesday as Lebanese security forces raided the premises, causing an explosion that sent flames and a dark cloud of black smoke billowing out of the third-floor windows, security officials said. A French national arrested in Lebanon last week has admitted that he…

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