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[ August 17, 2017 ]

Michigan: Muslim who stabbed cop at Flint airport calls himself “Soldier of Allah,” says his...

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Majority of Muslim Asylum Seekers In Austria Want Jokes About Islam BANNED

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Muslim Convicted of Brutal Rape, Murder of 4-Year-Old Girl Shot, Hung in Public Square

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Outrage After Queens Museum Cancels Israel Event Due to Palestinian Pressure

[ August 16, 2017 ]

Buzzfeed’s “Inaccurate” “Misleading” Article Designed to Shut Down Jihad-Terror Reporting

[ August 16, 2017 ]

Charlottesville: Either all racism is bad. Or all racism is acceptable.

[ August 16, 2017 ]

A Vademecum of Islam: Economic Development in Muslim Societies

[ August 16, 2017 ]

Chicago Police Clash With Antifa Protesters Outside Cook County Courthouse

[ August 16, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Muslim ‘refugees’ beat young man to death in nightclub in Italy

[ August 16, 2017 ]


Atlas Alert: Oppose Nourse, Defend the Constitution

Please write your Senators (go here) and politely demand that they do the job they were elected to do, protect and defend the Constitution. When we see outrageous rulings shredding our Constitution, here it is because of this judicial activism. Feel free to pull from the letter I signed (below) along with leaders across this…

Monster looming

Spectre was moved to write me after I posted this egregious judicial blow that is hobbling this great nation. He writes: You are so right. One recent case has escaped close scrutiny; one that is breathtaking in its holding and implications. This is the lawsuit involving the  City of Farmer's Branch, Texas (here.)   You may…

Another Blow Against the Republic by Leftist Judge: Wiretap of Islam Jihadist Group Illegal

We are ….. doomed by the fifth column. Judge: Bush Wiretap of Islam Group Illegal CBS News Feds Illegally Wiretapped Phone Calls Between Islamic Charity and 2 Lawyers During Terror Probe, Judge Rules (AP)  A federal judge ruled Wednesday that government investigators illegally wiretapped the phone conversations of an Islamic charity and two American lawyers…

Terror Pig Gets 28 Months in Pen

Aiding Islamic jihad, passing  messages  between  Omar Abdel Rahman, mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombings and Islamic Jihad. George Soros paid for some of her defense.She aided Islamic terror. She abetted Islamic terror. She was found guilty of Islamic terror. She got 28 MONTHS. Could have gotten 30 years. 30 years, 28 months….

Send in the Clowns: Alito SCOTUS Carnival Deux

Watching these hearings is painful. Wincing this hard will leave nasty crow’s feet. I do not agree with the pundits. I don’t see it their way. Myduring his years at Princeton is a contemptuous swipe at Kennedy and his ilk. You gotta love Alito bringing up the ROTC bringing thrown off the Princeton campus during…


Indefatigable Drudge reports this exclusive of the consummate putz Schumer SEN. SCHUMER CAUGHT ON CELLPHONE: ‘WE ARE GOING TO WAR’ OVER SUPREME COURT **Exclusive** Senate Judiciary Committee member Chuck Schumer got busy plotting away on the cellphone aboard a Washington, DC-New York Amtrak — plotting Democrat strategy for the upcoming Supreme Court battle. Schumer promised…

End the Unconstitutional Filibuster

For months now, Demo-gogues Harry Reid, Teddy Kennedy, BobbyByrd, et al., with the help of their Leftmedia minions, haverailed against any effort to change Senate procedure regardingjudicial filibusters. But Republican and Democrat leaders knowthat filibuster in the case of judicial nominees circumventsthe constitutionally-mandated full Senate vote for judicialnominees. Clearly, the Democrat strategy is to keep…

SHOCKA! Justices Defend Krytocracy Judicial Tyranny

Geez who’d a thunk it? The Supreme Court justices defend the absolute power of federal judges. What happened to balance of power? What is it that they say about absolute power? It does what? Justices Defend Federal Bench’s Independence WASHINGTON – Supreme Court Justices Anthony Kennedy and Clarence Thomas on Tuesday defended the independence of…

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