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[ August 17, 2017 ]

Michigan: Muslim who stabbed cop at Flint airport calls himself “Soldier of Allah,” says his...

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Majority of Muslim Asylum Seekers In Austria Want Jokes About Islam BANNED

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Muslim Convicted of Brutal Rape, Murder of 4-Year-Old Girl Shot, Hung in Public Square

[ August 17, 2017 ]

Outrage After Queens Museum Cancels Israel Event Due to Palestinian Pressure

[ August 16, 2017 ]

Buzzfeed’s “Inaccurate” “Misleading” Article Designed to Shut Down Jihad-Terror Reporting

[ August 16, 2017 ]

Charlottesville: Either all racism is bad. Or all racism is acceptable.

[ August 16, 2017 ]

A Vademecum of Islam: Economic Development in Muslim Societies

[ August 16, 2017 ]

Chicago Police Clash With Antifa Protesters Outside Cook County Courthouse

[ August 16, 2017 ]

VIDEO: Muslim ‘refugees’ beat young man to death in nightclub in Italy

[ August 16, 2017 ]



Muslim Migrants Use BATTERING RAM to Storm Thru Border Fence in Greece: EU HANDS OVER $800 MILLION to Invaders to ‘Maintain Their Dignity’

The more they pay, the more will come. These same Muslim migrants have been rioting. They used a BATTERING RAM to break through the European border fence — like the Muslim armies of old (but there’s no Charles Martel to greet them). Instead, the Euro-elites respond by paying them a ransom, jizya, with money that…


USA CHART: More Than 90% Of Recent Muslim Refugees On Food Stamps, Almost 70% On Cash Welfare

This in and of itself is a stunning indictment of the “migrants” Obama vows he will bring over in untold numbers to assist Europe in an ongoing Islamic invasion. ISIS recruits are in and among these “migrants.” Jihad terror and jizya — Obama’s poison legacy. Obama’s “radical transformation” of America. “CHART: More Than 90% Of…


Egyptian Cleric: American Aid (Jizya) to Egypt is a Mandatory tax

Jizya is the exorbitant poll tax imposed on non-Muslims or dhimmis (non-Muslims aren't slaughtered but don't convert to Islam are dhimmis, a sub-class status denied basic human rights). In sharia law, jizya refers either to tribute paid by non-Muslim nations to ward off jihad attack, or to a head tax paid by conquered non-Muslim adult…


“Aid or Jizya”

Obama is bringing 500 million dollars over to the jihadists in Gaza, while they burn American flags and his posters of his face upon his arrival. So what is this 500 million dollars, exactly? And the 1.5 billion to the Muslim Brotherhood savages in Egypt — aid or jiyza?: "Aid or Jizya" Dr. Mark Durie…

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