Navy SEALs Seize Oil Freighter ‘Morning Glory’ in Mediterranean that had been seized by armed Libyan Jihadists

The Pentagon says that a team of Navy SEALs has boarded the oil freighter “Morning Glory” in the Mediterranean that had been seized by three armed Libyans. No one was hurt in the raid, which took place late Sunday in international waters off of Cyprus. The ship and its illicit cargo of Libyan oil will now be sailed back to Libya under the control of U.S. Navy sailors.

Jihad Pirates Kidnap 2 US Sailors off Nigeria

I guess Obama’s search is for a “pirate cultural adviser” to help naval commanders understand the jihadi piracy on the coast of Africa. It is another one of his epic failures.
The same foe our founding fathers fought in not one but two Barbary wars — Muslim pirates demanding that jiyza (tribute) be paid by non-Muslim countries.

Jihad Pirates Fire on US Helicopter

Further testing of a weak, pathetic president ………….Russian NTV is reporting (via this video report) that Somali pirates today fired at a US helicopter with a high-caliber machine gun. Sorry – can't find any English version. (hat tip TC) (translation for 26 second report is below). Also I don't know if the video images are…

Somalia: In the land of the jihad piracy ……… Shariah law passed

And the State Department is importing Somalia: President signs Shari'ah bill as national lawGarowe Online – Garowe,Nugaal,SomaliaMOGADISHU, Somalia May 14 (Garowe Online) – The president of Somalia's interim government, Sheikh Sharif Ahmed, has officially signed Shari'ah into law as … Islam is officially in da house. Looking forward to all those kodak moments. The world…

War breaking out on Somali – Kenya border: Al Shabab rebels threatening to seize Kenyan territory

Al-Shabab is tied to the jihad piracy that has committed acts of war on the high seas. It's all the global jihad. War breaking out on Somali – Kenya border: Al Shabab rebels threatening to seize Kenyan territory Libertarian Republican DEVELOPING! Just Breaking from VOA – Africa Bureau… The new Somali government has sharply condemned…

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