Mohamed Won’t Be Home For Christmas

A federal appeals court on Monday upheld the 2013 conviction of a Somali-American man for trying to detonate a bomb at a Christmas tree lighting ceremony in Portland, Ore., rejecting his arguments that the F.B.I. had entrapped him and that the government had unconstitutionally intercepted his emails without a warrant.


Obama: “No foreign terrorist organization” has attacked in US during my tenure

Obama’s denial is breathtaking. But the enemedia’s collective obsessional behavior, parroting Obama’s delusions and fantasies, is astonishing, beyond belief. he Garland shooting attack on our free speech event was an ISIS attack, San Bernardino too. The Boston Islamic plot to behead me (until the jihad met the wrong end of a police gun) was directed by ISIS. San Bernardino, Fort Hood, NY/NJ bombings, Chattanooga, Seattle Christmas tree bomb plot, Boston marathon bombing, Morganton, Oklahoma beheading, West Orange New Jersey jihad…

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