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Arizona: Devout Muslim charged with plotting jihad terror attack also eyed Jewish center, FBI says

You have made our killing Jews an act of worship

Islamic Jew-hatred: it’s in the Quran. “Arizona man charged with plotting terror attack also eyed Jewish center, FBI says,” Associated Press, July 20, 2016 (thanks to Daniel Greenfield): A Tucson man charged with plotting a terrorist attack on a motor vehicle office in metro Phoenix also expressed to an undercover FBI employee that he wanted […]READ MORE

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Suicide Bombing Threat to Scientology ‘Allah Akbar, Tom’


The glitterati are not exempt. Hollywood is not exempt. The leftist celebrities who think that to resist terrorism is “islamophobic” are not exempt. This war is targeting everyone, both the aware and the indifferent. Perahps it’s time Hollywood actually starts making movies about the jihad threat. The Islamic war against the West is noticeably absent […]READ MORE

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Baton Rouge Cop Killer Was MUSLIM CONVERT


“A Grandview High School classmate tells KCTV5 that Long converted to Islam three years ago. He said Long was quiet and nice.” After the USMC. Why am I not surprised? American terror-tied groups like Hamas-CAIR support and agitate for the Black Lives Matter movement. A Black Lives Matter activist distributed flyers on “proper riot gear” […]READ MORE

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France: Nice jihad murderer is Muslim

Gun and Truck attack in Nice

Time for terror-tied Islamic groups in the USA like CAIR to hold a press conference beating us up about Islamophobia with the enemedia beating us about the head with it as well. And President Obama – the most notorious jihadist in the West – will begin his dawah tour. “INFO NICE MORNING. A Niçois of […]READ MORE

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Sharia: Illinois To Create Official State Government Muslim Council


A Muslim council sanctioned by the government? For what? To insure that we adhere to sharia restrictions? To punish those of us, like me, who refuse to adhere to sharia law and its crushing speech laws? Why a Muslim council? Where’s the Hindu council, Jewish council, Pagan council, Church of Scientology council, Christian council? This […]READ MORE

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Minneapolis: Muslims screaming “JIHAD!” rampage through neighborhood, tell woman “We can KIDNAP you and RAPE you”


Several days ago I reported on these Muslim gangs rampaging through an upscale Minneapolis neighborhood. Here are more shocking details. But the enemedia doesn’t find this fit to print. Why not? It doesn’t fit their Muslims-are-victims narrative. “Woman gives chilling, 1st-hand account of Muslim rape threat,” by Leo Hohmann, WND, July 7, 2016: Editor’s note: […]READ MORE

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ISIS & Al Qaeda exploit Dallas attacks, encourage more violence against the ‘oppressors’


I have reported on this for months. Violent anti-American groups conspire together to achieve their evil ends. The leftist/Islamic axis of evil is the gravest threat to freedom-loving peoples. In America they operate comfortably under the umbrella of the elites. Those who stand for individual rights and liberty must fight this scourge. ISIS & Al […]READ MORE

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Devout Muslim charged with MARKING TARGETS in DC for Islamic State, wanted to make “BLOOD SLURPEES” of beheaded


A nation under siege by jihadis, their leftist lapdogs, Islamic supremacists, and left-wing killers — all working together to destroy America. I read the indictment of this devout Muslim. He is an insatiable bloodthirsty savage — and devout. Blood chilling. Read this from the indictment: “Man charged with marking targets in DC for Islamic State,” […]READ MORE

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North Carolina: Two Devout Muslims Sentenced After Pleading Guilty to Plotting Jihad Murder of Non-Muslims

Avin Brown

It’s every day, all over the country, and all over the world. Yet the government and law enforcement officials who should be protecting us are still in wholesale denial about the nature and magnitude of the threat. And so it will keep happening, more and more frequently. “2 Raleigh Men Sentenced After Pleading Guilty to […]READ MORE

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