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Minneapolis: Muslims riot, throw rocks at police in rage over HBO series on jihad recruitment


Hollywood could never be accused of being brave in covering the jihad threat. Because they don’t. Post 9/11, consider the almost non-existent offerings of Hollywood productions where jihad is even mentioned. It’s astonishing, considering this is the gravest threat to freedom. And most certainly, there is no great to freedom of speech and freedom of […]READ MORE

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Teachers’ Union Decries FBI’s ‘Radical Ideologies’ Website as Anti-Muslim

James Comey

A batch of teacher’s unions and affiliated organizations penned a letter to FBI director James Comey decrying the agency’s establishment of a website aimed at fighting terrorism because – get this – the content could be seen as anti-Muslim. The Daily Caller reported the bizarre story: “A teacher’s union and associated groups are coming out […]READ MORE

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Monroe, New York: Muslim saying he is ISIS supporter makes false bomb threat to LaGuardia Airport


“Monroe Police Det. David Lee said he couldn’t say whether Qadan suffered from any mental issues, but said something did seem off about him. ‘He does have some issues,’ Lee said.” Yes, what’s “off” about him is that he believes in Islam and jihad. But government and law enforcement officials are no closer to admitting […]READ MORE

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Florida: Muslim convert threatens jihad massacres at schools, beaches, bases

ISIS in America

Another mass murder thwarted. Another news story that won’t be reported. Florida: Convert to Islam threatens Islamic State jihad massacres at schools, beaches, bases,” Jihad Watch, October 16, 2016: “He claimed 10 people would carry out the attacks after a ‘couple of us’ had ‘declared to join ISIS’. The writer stated that 5-10 attacks could […]READ MORE

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Boston: Muslim arrested after making threats at DC airport, assaulting policemen, leaving “suspicious package” with Quran threat at State House


Aziz Rehman Osmani, wanted for making threats and assaulting a police officer at a Washington, D.C. airport, was arrested after placing a Koran on the steps of government offices in Boston, police said. A man who police say left a copy of the Quran on the steps of a state government building in Boston is […]READ MORE

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Arizona Muslim Pleads Guilty to Lone Terror Plots on DMV, USAF, Jewish Center


An 18-year-old Muslim man living in Arizona pleaded guilty to plotting some lone wolf terror attacks on various sites in the Tucson area, including a Department of Motor Vehicles building, a Jewish center, and a U.S. Air Force recruiting facility. UPI reported Mahin Atif Khan admitted to charges of inciting or inducing terrorism, financing or […]READ MORE

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