Black Lives Matter Group Working With Muslim Terrorists, Embraces Anti-Semitism

An investigation conducted by the Haym Salomon Center has revealed that an organization known as the Dream Defenders, an offshoot of Black Lives Matter (BLM), has been engaging in anti-semitism while working with the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. PFLP is a State Department-designated terror group.


John Kerry Defends UN Resolution Against Israeli Settlements, Advocates For Two-State Solution In Farewell Speech

On Wednesday during his final speech at the State Department, Secretary of State John Kerry defended the United State’s decision to allow for the United Nations Security Council resolution which makes Israeli settlements illegal. Abstaining from the vote, the United States allowed the measure to pass. The council voted in favor of the motion 14-0.


Muslim Cleric: Jews ‘Like a Cancer in the Economy of Countries’

One of the Muslim world’s leading scholars, Dr. Abdallah Al-Yahya, took to the public platform of YouTube to warn his fellow Islamic friends: Jews are “like a cancer” and the spread must be stopped. Specifically, he said: Jews “are like a cancer in the economy of countries. If they spread, along comes someone to eradicate…


NYPD on Search for Suspect Who Stole 4 Sacred Torah Scrolls From Brooklyn Synagogue

Four sacred Torah scrolls valued at $200,000 went missing from a synagogue in Brooklyn, and investigators with the New York Police Department are now scanning surveillance videos, trying to identify and locate the suspect. The scrolls were stolen from Avenue O Synagogue in the 1 a.m. hour. Meanwhile, a reward for the capture of the…


Chabad Rabbi Found Unconscious, Bleeding After Brutal Beating at Ukrainian Train Station

“According to the report, violent antisemitic attacks in Ukraine are rare, and there is no indication at this time that the assault was antisemitic in nature.” This is the same kind of denial we see in other reports that say things like, “The assailant was screaming ‘Allahu akbar.’ Authorities are searching for motive.” Anti-Semitic attacks…


Jerusalem Wine Festival – ‘An affront to Islam’

No one was forcing the Muslims to drink wine. But as far as Muslims are concerned, anything that non-Muslims do that conflicts with Islamic law is an “affront to Islam.” The non-Muslims must submit or die. “Jerusalem Wine Festival – ‘An affront to Islam,’” by Dalit Halevy, Arutz Sheva, August 31, 2016: Murad Al-Sudani, the…


‘F**k Israel, long live the Intifada’ frenzied mob screams at Jewish University of California Irvine student

It’s getting to be open season on Jewish students on our nation’s campuses. Why aren’t administrators acting against these neo-Nazis? Because they’re leftists and Muslims — two protected classes. “‘F**k Israel, long live the Intifada’ angry mob screams at Jewish UC student,” by Hannah Broad, Jerusalem Post, May 22, 2016: Second-year Eliana Kopley was attempting…


Michigan Public Radio NPR refuses to air birthday greeting to Israel

Public radio — your taxpayer dollars at work fomenting Jew-hatred and supporting jihad. NPR in Michigan rejected a Detroit Jewish couple’s message wishing the Jewish state a happy 68th Independence Day, saying it “compromises impartiality.” Impartiality between who, exactly? The annihilationists and their intended target? The Jews-haters vs the Jews? It’s further proof of the…

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