Obama Confidante Vicious Antisemite Rashid Khalidi: Pro-Israel Figures Will ‘INFEST’ US Government After Trump Takes Office

Using the language of the Nazis, notorious antisemite Rashid Khalidi said pro-Israel Jews will “infest” President-elect Donald Trump’s administration. It’s ironic that one of the red flags signalling Obama’s virulent anti-semitism well before he took office — his admiration of vicious Jew hater Rashid Khalidi — will provide a fitting end to this disastrous period in American history, the Obama years.


Scores of NEW BOMB THREATS Against Jewish Community Centers Across America While Media Covers Anti-Muslim Hate HOAX Crimes

While the enemedia continues to obsess about anti-Muslim hate crimes which are all hoaxes, synagogues and Jewish day schools are under siege. But, of course, the sharia complaint media sees no news value in this and has failed to cover this terrifying news story


New York Muslim student leader PRAISES murder of Jews

The Students for Justice in Palestine is nothing more than a student-led terrorist group. They terrorize and harass Jewish students (and students who support Israel) on college campuses nationwide. Annihilationist groups and groups that incite to violence and hatred should be banned to college campuses.


VIDEO: “Palestinian” Muslims hand out sweets, CELEBRATE truck jihad slaughter in Jerusalem

I am sure Palestinian Muslims are not the only Muslims celebrating the slaughter in Jerusalem yesterday. Islamic Jew-hatred is a religious imperative in Islam. You cannot make peace with adherents to an ideology whose goal is to annihilate you which is why there has been no peace between the Jews and the Muslims in Israel.

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