Muslim teen facing 20 years in jail for machete attack on Jewish teacher ‘in Allah’s name’

A Muslim teenager who brutally attacked a Jewish teacher in the name of Islamic State (ISIS) faces 20 years in jail, prosecutors said. “We are targeted by terrorists because we are French and because we are Jewish. No one feels safe. We get spat on and verbally insulted every single day. Anti-Semitism – a hideous monster – is still very much alive.”


Canada: Imam who asked Allah to kill the enemies of Islam is TEACHING ASSISTANT at RYERSON UNIVERSITY

In 2016, Elkasrawy, who also serves as an imam at Masjid Toronto mosque which is affiliated with the Muslim Association of Canada, led a Ramadan service at the mosque during which he prayed to Allah to give Muslims victory over the infidels, to slay the enemies of Islam “one by one and spare not one of them”, and to “purify Al-Aqsa Mosque from the filth of the Jews.”


“Palestinian” MUSLIM STUDENT LEADER at UK Exeter university declares she’s “proud to be a TERRORIST”

The deep pride devout Muslims take in their hatred and bloodlust is eerily similar to the fervor of adherents of the Third Reich.

In a a rational age, this bloody seditionist would be thrown out of the country. But in the Islamic state of the UK, she’ll just as easily get elected Mayor of London on this platform.


Kids jump for Jihad at European-funded dance competition: “Jihad is needed, Pull the trigger”

Norming savagery.And the West is paying for it. The Eurpeans think if they they throw the Jews under the bus, it will keep them safe. On the contrary, it doesn’t slake the bloodlust, it increases it. The Jews may be the canary in the coalmine, but they are coming for Europe and beyond.


Muslim Terrorist Opens Fire/Stabs Shoppers in Open-Air Market in Israel

“There was a riot and chaos when I arrived on the scene. I identified a 30-year old female sitting on a chair at the entrance of a store. She suffered wounds to her limbs but was fully conscious. Ten meters away, there were a male and a female in their 50s, also fully conscious, with wounds to their lower extremities. We provided them with preliminary medical treatment and quickly evacuated them to the hospital in light-moderate condition.”

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