Muslim Mob Attacks Police Trying to Arrest Terrorists – 1 Dead

India has been fighting jihad for centuries. If you recall, Muslims demanded an Islamic State in India. Their unending violence led to the the partition of India and Pakistan. It was proclaimed that “the future constitution of Pakistan would not be modeled entirely on a European pattern, but on the ideology and democratic faith of Islam.” And yet despite being given their own country they still they wage holy war in India.


Muslim riot in India: International media IGNORES attack by 20,000 devout Muslims on Hindu village

India, along with Israel, Southern Sudan, etc., have been the battlefields in endless bloody wars to install a universal caliphate, the objective of the global jihad. The international media, meanwhile, is too busy hand-wringing over islamofauxbia to notice. Shameful. “20,000 Jihadis attacked village Kaligram in Malda, West Bengal, Lives at stake,” World Hindu News, October…


CurrenTrigger Interview with Pamela Geller: ‘Trump is the last hope to preserve the US as a free society’

Check out the interview I did with leading Indian publication, CurrenTrigger. Pamela Geller: ‘Trump is the last hope to preserve the US as a free society’ CurrenTrigger, October 22, 2016: Pamela Geller has been vocal in her support for Donald Trump. Attacked and given death threats for anti-Jihad views, yet Pamela Geller has remained unfazed….


Kashmir: 10 dead as Muslims RIOT after killing of jihad terrorist

Why are they rioting? Obama says jihad terrorism is un-Islamic. Don’t they know that? Shouldn’t they be applauding the police rather than attacking them? “10 Dead In Clashes After Terrorist Burhan Wani’s Killing In Kashmir: 10 Updates,” NDTV, July 9, 2016: Srinagar: 10 people have died and nearly 200 have been injured in clashes in…


5 Devout Muslims confess to ISIS MASS KILLING PLAN in India #Ramadan

If the Islamic State is “unislamic,” how is it that they attract so many of the faithful to their cause? And why is this “misunderstanding” so widespread? Because it is actually the Islamic apologists and Western leftist elites who “misunderstand” Islam. Islam is the problem. “5 ISIS suspects confess to mass killing plan,” The Asian,…


Violent protests after devout Muslim terrorist killed in Kashmir

“As soon as reports of Wani’s killing reached his Dooru village in Sopore, hundreds of residents came out to protest…” But why? We’re constantly admonished and clubbed over the head with the claim that Muslim terrorists are a tiny minority of extremists and that the vast majority of Muslims are peaceful. So why didn’t hundreds…

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