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[ July 22, 2017 ]

Robert Spencer: The True Victims of “Islamophobia”

[ July 22, 2017 ]

Saturday Night Cinema: Madeleine

[ July 22, 2017 ]

Swimming pool bosses put up signs telling Muslim migrants not to sexually attack women in...

[ July 22, 2017 ]

Muslims in India threaten to cut off writer’s arm and leg if he doesn’t convert...

[ July 22, 2017 ]

60 gravestones destroyed in 3 Connecticut Jewish cemeteries (@LSarsour scam time!)

[ July 22, 2017 ]

Pamela Geller to Keynote International Terrorism Seminar, Las Vegas, Nevada, October 17th and 18th

[ July 22, 2017 ]

Lawyers for NYC Muslim Terrorist Bomber Argue: He’s Not a Terrorist

[ July 22, 2017 ]

“It’s absolutely sickening”: Justine Damond’s family OUTRAGED over Muslim cop lawyer’s demand for autopsy to...

[ July 22, 2017 ]

Cyclist-Witness to Muslim Cop Shooting of Justine Damond Comes Forward, Has Video

[ July 22, 2017 ]

In wake of Muslim cop gunning down woman, Mayor Betsy Hodges urges Muslims to file...


VIDEO: Muslim ‘migration threatens Britain’s social cohesion,’ says British Home Secretary who banned Pamela Geller from the UK

British Home Secretary Theresa May just said, “mass migration threatens Britain’s social cohesion.” This woman banned me from the UK for saying much less “controversial” statements. Based on her previous policy, she ought to be hauled before a sharia court and be thrown in jail. Clearly her statement might incite Muslims to violence — the…


Merkel REFUSES TO BUDGE on refugees as 1.5 million seen coming

Despite the violence, rapes, costs and the opposition of the majority of the people, Merkel is storming ahead with the destruction of Germany. Unlike other immigrant groups, millions of Muslims come to Western countries with a ready-made model of society and government, and establish parallel societies based on Islamic law. CAPTURED ISIS FIGHTER HAS FULL…


Pro-Migrant Activist Gang Raped By Migrants, Pressured Into Silence To Not ‘Damage Cause’

Rape and sex crimes are epidemic in refugee centers. Did anyone rational person it would be stop there. It starts there — Related: Document: Muslim ‘migrants’ raping women and children in camps in Germany —Muslim Migrants’ Rape Epidemic: “We Are the Biggest Brothel in Munich” OT but related: Pro-“Palestinian” activists were sexually assaulted by Palestinians…


Over 10,000 Attend Another MASSIVE Demo Against Migrant Invasion in Europe

Another massive rally against the Muslim invasion of Europe. The anti-islamization movement is growing every day. It is the rational response to Chancellor Merkel’s vow to take in one million Muslim migrants in Germany alone. This is Europe’s version of the Tea Party. The only mainstream media report I could find was in Japan Times….


Muslim Migrants Demand Sex: “Problem, problem problem here (points to groin) Balls is very big”

Refugees in refugee shelter talk about their problems, “not having sex.” “I slept three days in hospital because of this problem.” Reporter: “What was the problem?” “Problem, problem problem here (points to groin) Balls is very big. Reporter: “Your balls?” “Really. He said make sex with anyone.” You just can’t make this stuff up. Next…


VIDEO, PHOTOS: More MASSIVE PROTESTS Against the Migrant Invasion of Europe

More massive protests against the EU and their respective governments surrender to the invasion of Europe continue to grow. These protests occur with increasingly regularity. And the media won’t cover them. But it doesn’t matter. They are not going away. On the contrary, things are just heating up. It’s no wonder Chancellor Merkel is strong-arming…


SHOCKING REPORT: Muslim Migrants are Urinating on the Women in Refugee Centers

I am sure this is the kind of news Chancellor Angela Merkel is strong-arming Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, to censor and block. I broke the story a few weeks back of the systemic rape of women and children at these refugee centers. It’s an epidemic. Mainstream media outlets picked it up weeks later. Now…


HIT LIST: Huffington Post Publishes NAMES and PHOTOS of People Who Oppose Migrant Invasion on Social Media

The Huffington Post (Germany) is posting people’s names and photos who comment on social media opposing the migrant invasion. If you post a comment on their site or Facebook or any social media, you will be named. The Huffington Post is a global news organization. This is putting a target on anyone’s head who refuses…


Obama Granted Asylum And Residency to Over 1,500 terrorists

Importing jihad. With Islamic terror activity at an unprecedented high and new warnings that “The danger to the homeland has never been greater,” you would think the US government would err on the side of caution – but this is not the government by the people, for the people– it’s the Obama administration. He is…


Germany must separate Christians from Muslim migrants as violent attacks surge

“They wake me before dawn during Ramadan and say I should eat before the sun comes up. If I refuse, they say I’m a kuffar, an unbeliever. They spit at me… They treat me like an animal. And threaten to kill me.” “… They are also all Muslims.” “They shout Quranic verses. These are words…


STATE OF SIEGE: Gangs Of Muslim Men Roaming The Streets, Young Women Told To Cover Up

“There is a crack in everything. That’s how the light gets in.” And so the true story of the Muslim invasion of Europe is beginning (albeit too slowly) to be told by some members of the mainstream media. It is as I said from the very first. These are not refugees from the war: four…

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