Pamela Geller, Breitbart: The Effects of Mass Muslim Immigration

It was reported Monday that “almost 10 per cent of children under five years old in England and Wales come from a Muslim family, according to 2011 UK Government census information.”

The report continued, “Of the 3.5 million children aged less than five, 320,000 were listed as Muslim. By comparison, Christians make up 43 per cent of those aged under five.”


Canada: Muslim beheads his four sons

More of the wonders of immigration from jihad nations. Get this: "the children had never been to Canada, but had Canadian citizenship through her estranged husband." Nuts. Somali Canadian beheads 4 sons in Somalia Blazing Cat Fur, October 2, 2013 (thanks to Armaros) "TORONTO – Somali police have arrested a Somali-Canadian for allegedly beheading his…


Pamela Geller, WND Column: Importing Jihad

Don't miss my column today at WND: DEFENDING THE WEST Why are we importing jihad invaders? Exclusive: Pamela Geller calls for immediate halt of immigration by Muslims The Washington Times reported Sunday that “the Homeland Security Department has granted legal status to 99.2 percent of all illegal immigrants who have applied under President Obama’s new…


As “Home-Grown” Threat Grows, Refugee resettlement worker blows the whistle on refugee program failures; calls for moratorium

We have been importing jihadists for years now with Muslim immigration programs under the diversity visas and religious visas. "The U.S. has historically maintained a policy of admitting refugees of special humanitarian concern into the country." It's always a shock to people when they first find out how Refugee Resettlement works. Instead of giving refuge…


National Security Nightmare: Saudi student enrollments skyrocket from 11,116 in 2006 to 71,026 last year

Remember that all Saudi students were QUIETLY given "preferred status," i.e. allowed to avoid airport screening, by Janet Napolitano back early this year. Consider this report from USA Today from earlier this year: (via Walid Shoebat, thanks to Van) In just seven years, Saudi student enrollments have skyrocketed from 11,116 in 2006, to 71,026 last…


Minnesota Sheriff Reports to Congress
on Growing Somalia Muslim Gang Threat

Yes, of course the Somalia Muslim gangs are growing, along with the threat they present. The Obama administration is importing whole Muslim communities from Islamic countries like Somalia. Their refugee status is determined by the UN. The "diversity" immigration numbers are doubling, tripling in some months. Here's an email I received last year from a…


Importing Jihad: ‘Refugee’ Iraqi National Pleads Guilty to 23 Islamic Terrorism Charges in Kentucky

This is what Obama is allowing into this country. I know several people (Jews among them) who are trying to get out of Europe and Canada, and they are prohibited from emigrating. These include the best of people, businessmen (who would bring jobs), doctors, etc. They have met years of red tape and denial. Further,…


Somali Gangs Ran Sex Ring in 3 U.S. States

Oh yes, let’s keep importing whole Muslim communities UN’s Refugee Resettlement Program, not to mention those “diversity” and “religious” visas (scroll link), while making it impossible for those trying to escape the UK, Europe, Russia, etc. Those not returning to Somalia to train in jihadist terror camps can busy themselves with this: Somali Gangs Ran…

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