DoJ’s Sally Yates Wanted Muslim Refugees, Not Christians, Says Source

The AP is reporting that Kathleen Yates was concerned Trump order favored Christians over Muslims, says person familiar with her thinking: So it was OK for President Obama to allow only Muslims and only a handful of Christians. So Yates had the worst of motives – to continue to keep the Christians out – the victims truly oppressed and trotured by the Muslim armies.


TERROR as Muslim migrants ‘shout Allahu akbar’ and ‘fire replica guns’ on subway train

Muslim migrants caused panic by shouting Allahu Akbar and firing replica firearms.
Only plastic pellets – this time. Imagine, if you will, what would have gone through your mind had this happened on your daily commute. Would you have seen it as high spirits – or might you have wondered if you would ever see your family and loved ones again?

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