FBI Investigating Hundreds of Muslim ‘Refugees’ Allowed into US with ISIS Links

The madness was allowing anyone to enter about whom there were any doubts or unanswered questions. How can we possibly check the backgrounds of people from failed or corrupt states where there are no trustworthy sources of evidence to call upon?

Worse still was the violent insurrection by the party of treason to bring these invaders in.

Trump was right.


Muslim national security staffer grandstands, quits after just eight days in Trump’s White House

A Muslim-American national security staffer resigned after eight days working in the Trump administration, complaining it was an ‘insult’ to work under the U.S. President. Rumana Ahmed quit to much fanfare (of course). For all her complaining, Rumana Ahmed was not fired or let go when President Trump took office. On the contrary, the devout Muslim kept her position which says more about President Trump than it does her. Rumana Ahmed wasn’t abused, harassed, insulted or anything of the kind. No, Ahmed quit when the President issued a ban on travelers from seven terror-riddled countries.

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