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Four Muslims Screaming “Allahu Akbar” Attack Convert to Christianity in Germany

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Every time one of these attacks happens, German citizens should send a thank-you card to Angela Merkel. The destruction of their country is her doing. “Four Muslims Attack Convert in Germany,” The Eponymous Flower, August 29, 2016: Maintal ( idea) An Afghan Christian (31) has been attacked in Maintal (near Frankfurt) by four Muslim Afghans. […]READ MORE

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Besieged French citizens pledge to block port with ‘human chain’ until lawless, violent Muslim migrant camp is demolished

An aerial picture taken on October 8, 2015 shows the "New Jungle" migrants camp where some 3,500 people live while they attempt to enter Britain, near the port of Calais, northern France. The slum-like migrant camp sprung up after the closure of notorious Red Cross camp Sangatte in 2002, which had become overcrowded and prone to violent riots. However migrants and refugees have kept coming and the "New Jungle" has swelled along with the numbers of those making often deadly attempts to smuggle themselves across the Channel. AFP PHOTO DENIS CHARLET

For months I have been filing reports on the vicious Muslim migrant attacks on motorists and truck drivers in Calais. The government and law enforcement agencies led by lily-livered leftists do nothing while citizens live in abject terror. Well, the people are not going to take it anymore. They are taking charge of their freedom, […]READ MORE

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KNIFE JIHAD: Muslim STABS IN THE THROAT Female Officer at Police Station in France


“I will cast terror into the hearts of those who have disbelieved, so strike them over the necks” …..[8:12]. Another sudden outbreak of “mental illness.” The idea that authentic Islam, pure Islam is psychotic wreaks of islamophobic prejudice, don’t you think? The media buries the lede, of course. The Algerian Muslim stabbed the police officer […]READ MORE

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Merkel rejects Muslim migrant ban, urges fair distribution of migrants in Europe

angela merkel migration

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday slammed those countries in Europe who say they won’t take in Muslim refugees…” She wants the rest of Europe to commit suicide along with Germany. “Merkel rejects Muslim migrant ban, urges fair distribution,” Associated Press, August 28, 2016: BERLIN (AP) — German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday slammed those […]READ MORE

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KNIFE JIHAD: Muslim screams “ALLAHU AKBAR” as he STABS couple at music festival


Again. And again. And Again. Music festivals, concerts, New Year’s Eve celebrations have become war zones. The large migration of Muslims is destroying our very way of life. “Germany stabbing: Knifeman ‘shouts Allahu Akbar’ as he attacks couple at music festival leaving wife fighting for life,” The Mirror, August 26, 2016: The two victims – […]READ MORE

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France arrests as many Muslims for jihad terror in first half of 2016 as in all of 2015


And just wait til 2017. They’re only getting started. Thanks to Europe’s suicidal policies regarding Muslim migrants, in a few years 2016 will look like the good old days. “7 with terrorist links held in France in August, 3 of them were planning attacks: Minister,” AFP, August 23, 2016: PARIS (AFP) – Seven people with […]READ MORE

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France: Muslim VIOLENTLY BEATS 11 elderly victims, throws them in the water screaming “ALLAHU AKBAR,” Media BLACK-OUT


Because the Islamic attacks are coming so fast and so frequent, the mental illness narrative sounds, well, nuts. So now we have a media black-out on the escalation of the acts of jihad. And it’s daily. Silence is sanction. Prepare yourself for what’s coming. Much thanks to Dreuz.Info for this reportage: Nice Matin is the […]READ MORE

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Fake passports for Islamic State (ISIS) jihadis ‘found in Greek refugee camps’

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  We have already seen “refugees” mount jihad attacks in France and elsewhere. And much, much more is to come, thanks to the treason and fecklessness of Merkel and her cohorts in other Eurabian countries. “Fake passports for Isil terrorists ‘found in Greek refugee camps,'” by Josephine McKenna, Telegraph, August 21, 2016: The European Union’s […]READ MORE

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Germany Cracks Down on Muslim Sex Attacks By Giving Girls ‘No’ Tattoos


Western authorities, particularly in Germany, seem determined to commit national suicide, and not to do anything to stop this Muslim migrant invasion, or anything effective to stop these savages from behaving like savages. Where are all the German men? Are there none left? “Germany Cracks Down on Muslim Sex Attacks By Giving Giving [sic] Girls […]READ MORE

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Number of Reported Muslim Sex Attacks on Girls at Music Festival DOUBLES, Jumps to 40


When I first reported this story, the number of sexual attacks at this music festival was twenty  — now it’s doubled. With more yet to come. Since the advent of the Muslim invasion of Europe, large gatherings have become prime targets for jihad and mass sexual attacks, i.e. Cologne, concerts, and other music festivals, including […]READ MORE

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