Poll: Majority Want Fewer Refugees, Support Donald Trump’s Migration Cuts

These poll numbers continue to hold. They are remarkably the same as a few weeks ago. Remarkably, I say, because there have been weeks of relentless Trump-bashing, riots, protests, memes, immigration propagandist news stories, hashtags (#thisisarefugee), Hollywood award speeches etc. pushing for more Muslim immigration.

But the enemedia is dead. Long live the people.


Sharia No-Go Zones: Hundred-strong Muslim mob surrounds and threatens police as officers arrest Somalian Muslim

When police officers arrested the Somalian Muslim, chaos broke out when they were surrounded and threatened by a crowd of 80 to 100 African men.

Is this how you would want society to function?

This mob was trying to enforce its own system of law – attempting to grant its own members impunity from due process.

This is how no-go zones are established. This is sharia.

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