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Obama Propaganda Machine in Full Swing Over Boy, 6, Who’s Sad for Syrians


As if media bias weren’t bad enough – the Obama propaganda machine was out in full force this week, riding high on the back of a 6-year-old boy. First off, let’s be clear: These heartfelt expressions of a little boy which are no doubt genuine are very touching – real pulls on the heartstrings, real […]READ MORE

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US State Dept Spokesman ADMITS we’ll have terrorism as long as we have ‘refugees’


Wait, it gets better. The Obama administration wants us to “adopt” these invaders into our homes, with our children. ‘Inept’ Obama’s radical migrant plan risks COLLAPSE as states revolt amid TERROR concerns, By Oli Smith, The Express, Sep 22, 2016 A SERIES of major states have pulled out of Barack Obama’s major mass refugee welcome […]READ MORE

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Texas to Obama: You Can Keep Your Refugee Resettlements – We Opt Out


Texas has taken the bold, in-your-face step of telling the federal government: You can take your refugee resettlement program and – find some other state to play. Gov. Greg Abbott said his state wasn’t going to participate in the Office of Refugee Resettlement program because of security concerns. His comments come just a few days […]READ MORE

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Stone Mountain, Georgia (pop. 6,000 and high poverty rate) has received more Muslim migrants than LA and NYC combined


The political elite are conducting their social engineering not where they live, where it might affect their comfortable lives, but in rural areas where the people are poor and powerless to fight back. Shameful. “This Tiny Georgia Town Received More Syrian Refugees Than LA And NYC Combined,” by Peter Hasson, Daily Caller, September 21, 2016 […]READ MORE

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SWEDEN IN CHAOS: Number of ‘no-go zones’ INCREASED as police lose control over violence

swedish police

Rest assured that the media and the politicians will continue to prohibit the use of the term “no-go zones,” and mock, demonize and smear those who use it. Once a country of peace and calm. Joyful music from Abba and endless summer days. Now, thanks to uncontrolled Islamic migration, a nation everyone admired is barely […]READ MORE

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Fresh Germany jihad terror fears as Merkel’s government ‘lets migrants with FAKE PASSPORTS in’

merkel refugee

Angela Merkel is the architect of the death of Germany — and Europe.   “Fresh Germany terror fears as Merkel’s government ‘lets migrants with FAKE PASSPORTS in,'” by Tom Parfitt and Monika Pallenberg, Express, September 19, 2016: ANGELA Merkel’s government is facing claims huge numbers of migrants have entered Germany with fake passports. Politicans around […]READ MORE

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Muslim migrant boat captain faces murder charges for throwing Christians overboard

Italian navy rescue asylum seekers

Murder by “religious motivation.” More of that religious tolerance from one of what Obama calls one of the “world’s great religions.” The Muslim captain with others “searched passengers for amulets or Christian symbols concealed under their clothing and similarly attacked at least five other non-Muslims migrants, all of whom are assumed to have drowned.” “Muslim […]READ MORE

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WATCH: ‘Swedes Must Integrate With Migrants,’ Says Government-backed Org

Alexandra Mezher, 22, a Swedish social worker who was stabbed to death by a 15-year-old asylum seeker at a shelter for refugee children. Gothenburg, Sweden.

Despite the wild spike in rape, murder, sex crimes and the rapid deterioration of the social fabric of daily life, the Swedish government hits bottom and keeps on digging. Pity this girl or this girl wasn’t in the video: “WATCH: ‘Swedes Must Integrate With Migrants’ Says Government-Backed Multicultural Propaganda,” Breitbart, September 20, 2016: A charity […]READ MORE

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‘I wish I could turn back time’ Merkel finally admits she REGRETS open-door migrant policy

merkel refugee

It’s too late, and she is not sincere. She hasn’t reversed her suicidal migration policy. She still claims that she doesn’t know what the German people want, as if it weren’t obvious. She ius still bent on leading her country to ruin. She is the most effective German Chancellor since Adolf Hitler. “‘I wish I […]READ MORE

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NYC Bomber Ahmad Rahami’s Jihad Family, Stabbings, Trump-Hate and Calls to Kill Geller


The idea that Ahmad Khan Rahami acted alone is absurd on its face, and is made even more ridiculous by his family’s jihad activity. His brother’s Facebook page had this post — with a comment calling for my death. Facebook post screenshot thanks to Rusty Shackleford: Rahami, 28, was arrested in Elizabeth in February 2012 […]READ MORE

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Muslim Migrant Youths’ Reign of Terror in Shocking Footage, Europe’s Growing Civil War


The reports of Muslim migrants at war with citizens of Europe is growing. The EU and European governments have abandoned their sacred duty to protect and defend their people. Instead, they have aligned with the jihad force. Sickened by the uncontrolled mob of unruly Muslim migrants terrorizing the town of Zaandam, locals have started to […]READ MORE

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