Last week, Israel, now this. Obama wants to start a war with the Russians before he leaves office. But it was Obama who scrapped the Bush-era missile defense shield program in Eastern Europe as part of Obama’s spectacular failed “reset” with Russia. In doing so, Russia read the shield back-down as a sign of U.S. weakness.


Donald Trump’s first 100 days: How he can undo Barack Obama’s America

Salon and the rest of the left enemedia are looking forward to the coming Trump administration with shock and horror: “let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that his election isn’t an unmitigated disaster. It is.” Yes, it is — for them and all the traitors who have been doing everything they could to weaken America…


Iran to Add U.S.-Made Aircraft to Its War Fleet: Obama admin paves way for Tehran to rebuild its air force

Traitor in the White House. “Iran to Add U.S.-Made Aircraft to Its War Fleet: Obama admin paves way for Tehran to rebuild its air force,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, October 24, 2016: The Obama administration is forging a pathway for Iran to purchase American-made airliners that are likely to be converted for use…


Rush to Confirm New Citizens Before Election Puts National Security at Risk

The Obama administration is at war against America. Obama Admitted Nearly 1 Million from Muslim-majority Countries from 2009-2014 The data doesn’t include illegals or other categories of so-called immigrants so the number is … significantly more. A friend of mine who recently took her citizenship oath in NYC said there was a table registering all the…


VIDEO: 18 Times Obama Trashed America in Asia and a Rebuttal

Trash president trash talking America. President Obama is such a complete and utter failure — ISIS, Libya, Egypt, Israel, Russia, China, Obamacare, cash for clunkers, BLM, joblessness, racial divisiveness, etc., you would think he would be humbled, remorseful, thoughtful. Instead, he digs in his hooves and attacks — us. “Montage: 18 Times Obama Trashed America…


Official: 7 Iranian boats came after, harassed U.S. ship in the Persian Gulf (after Obama’s billion dollar jizya payment)

More of the poison fruit of Obama’s nuclear surrender to Iran. Under Obama’s “leadership,” there is no limit to the willingness to be humiliated: In early August, the Wall Street Journal reported that “The Obama administration secretly organized an airlift of $400 million worth of cash to Iran that coincided with the January release of…


U.S., others agreed to SECRET exemptions for Iran after nuclear deal

The catastrophic results of this treasonous administration’s policies will reverberate for decades to come. The US may, in the final analysis, never recover from Barack Hussein Obama. “U.S., others agreed ‘secret’ exemptions for Iran after nuclear deal: think tank,” by Jonathan Landay, Reuters, September 1, 2016: The United States and its negotiating partners agreed “in…

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