Obama rejects comparison between Trump’s immigration policy and his own, encourages violent protests

Former radical president, Barack Hussein is a liar. He did block Iraqi refugees – his vicious denial speaks to what we have had to deal with over past eight years. Obama lied when he rejected the idea Monday that President Trump based his immigration executive order on a policy adopted by his own administration, and he supported the violent protests that have been taking place in Democrat cities across the country in response to the new restrictions.


Obama Confidante Vicious Antisemite Rashid Khalidi: Pro-Israel Figures Will ‘INFEST’ US Government After Trump Takes Office

Using the language of the Nazis, notorious antisemite Rashid Khalidi said pro-Israel Jews will “infest” President-elect Donald Trump’s administration. It’s ironic that one of the red flags signalling Obama’s virulent anti-semitism well before he took office — his admiration of vicious Jew hater Rashid Khalidi — will provide a fitting end to this disastrous period in American history, the Obama years.



Last week, Israel, now this. Obama wants to start a war with the Russians before he leaves office. But it was Obama who scrapped the Bush-era missile defense shield program in Eastern Europe as part of Obama’s spectacular failed “reset” with Russia. In doing so, Russia read the shield back-down as a sign of U.S. weakness.


Donald Trump’s first 100 days: How he can undo Barack Obama’s America

Salon and the rest of the left enemedia are looking forward to the coming Trump administration with shock and horror: “let’s not kid ourselves into thinking that his election isn’t an unmitigated disaster. It is.” Yes, it is — for them and all the traitors who have been doing everything they could to weaken America…


Iran to Add U.S.-Made Aircraft to Its War Fleet: Obama admin paves way for Tehran to rebuild its air force

Traitor in the White House. “Iran to Add U.S.-Made Aircraft to Its War Fleet: Obama admin paves way for Tehran to rebuild its air force,” by Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon, October 24, 2016: The Obama administration is forging a pathway for Iran to purchase American-made airliners that are likely to be converted for use…

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