Obama Confidante Vicious Antisemite Rashid Khalidi: Pro-Israel Figures Will ‘INFEST’ US Government After Trump Takes Office

Using the language of the Nazis, notorious antisemite Rashid Khalidi said pro-Israel Jews will “infest” President-elect Donald Trump’s administration. It’s ironic that one of the red flags signalling Obama’s virulent anti-semitism well before he took office — his admiration of vicious Jew hater Rashid Khalidi — will provide a fitting end to this disastrous period in American history, the Obama years.


Trump’s Jews and Obama’s Jews

I am a proud “Trump Jew”. Trump is, without question, the most pro-Israel, philosemetic President we have had the honor of electing. How the Jewish left could deny reality and stand with one of Israel’s mot vicious enemy (and there are many), speaks more about them and their godlessness than anything they or I could ever say.


Egyptian Intelligence Reveals Minutes Of Secret Palestinian Authority Meeting With John Kerry, Susan Rice; U.S.-Palestinian Coordination On UNSC 2334

In mid-December 2016, a Palestinian Authority (PA) delegation met in Washington with officials from the outgoing Obama administration for secret talks. On December 27, the Egyptian daily Al-Youm Al-Sabi’, which is close to Egyptian intelligence services, published an exposé of the minutes of the secret talks

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