Sharia USA: Obama admin BANS PORK products from federal prisons to accommodate Muslims

Anywhere American mores and Islamic “culture” conflict, it’s American mores that have to give way. Prisons have become for jihad recruitment. ISIS is now growing in prisons systems across the Western world. How is the US government responding? NY becoming more sharia compliant. Halal prisons. NO more pork, ham, or bacon for 206,000 inmates. And…


Federal Government Subsidizes Halal Food in Public Schools

Unconstitutional. Unconscionable. In other words, just another day in Obama’s America. When will Obama’s government subsidize kosher food in public schools? Of course, only Muslims get this kind of preferential treatment. “Federal Government Subsidizes Halal Food in Public Schools,” by Johanna Markind, PJ Media, August 28, 2015: In recent years, three American public school districts…


Halal slaughter: Outcry after undercover film exposes savagery of industry

The pity is that they will punish kosher slaughter as well, so as not to appear “islamophobic” or singling out Muslims, when this brutality is purely Islamic. Halal slaughter across Europe is brutal and should be outlawed. Kosher slaughter is the most humane form of animal killing.  Here is the difference between kosher vs. halal….


Walmart bows to Sharia, introduces halal meat after 50 Muslims sign petition

If 50 non-Muslims petitioned Walmart for anything — anything! — do you think Walmart would immediately cave? Neither do I. But when it comes to Muslims and the cruelty of halal slaughter, Walmart knew they would be facing headlines: “Islamophobia at Walmart!” “Walmart racist!” And who knows? Maybe even a visit from Obama’s DoJ would…


VIDEO: Minnesota Muslims Demand Pork-Free Halal Food From Welfare Food Bank

As I describe in my book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance, anywhere American law and Islamic law conflict, American law must give way. Accommodating these sharia demands leads to more demands in accordance with Islamic law. Our taxpayer dollars should not fund this Islamic supremacism. It’s a violation of…

Sharia in France: Muslims attack man for eating ham sandwich

Anywhere Islamic law and Western law conflict, it is Western law that must give way. And herein lies the fundamental difference between Islamic law (the sharia), Canon law and Jewish law: Canon law applies to Roman Catholics, Jewish law to Jews, but Islamic law asserts its punitive authority over non-Muslims, and Muslims (even those in…


Muslims Declare Jihad Against Cadbury Over Pork In Its Chocolate, Demand Cadbury Pay for Blood Transfusions

When have we even seen Muslims explode (if you’ll pardon the expression) with this kind of rage over the jihad terrorists who supposedly twist and hijack their religion? “Of pig DNA and social justice,” Malaysian Insider, May 29, 2014 (thanks to Christian): Lately, the Malaysian populace, specifically Muslim Malays, were taken aback by the detection…

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