Anti-Obama Protests in Greece

Here in America, we had the ultimate of anti-Obama protests, the presidential election. Hundreds of citizens in the Greek capital marched to the US Embassy to protest US President Barack Obama’s visit to the city. You won’t see the enemedia reporting on this. Just anti-Trump protests.


VIDEO: Rampaging Muslim migrant hordes RIOT on Greek island

The lovely, once idyllic island of Lesbos is paradigmatic of all Europe. Perhaps they want to demonstrate what peace-loving Muslims they are. Of course, Western elites and media monsters will blame us. “LESBOS IN FLAMES: Rampaging migrant mob STORMS asylum support offices on Greek island,” By  Simon Osborne, The Express, Oct 24, 2016 RIOTS have…


Sexual assaults on children as young as SEVEN by Muslim migrants at Greek refugee camps

This is rampant in Britain. Upwards of a million British girls were victimized. Hundreds of thousands of British girls, kuffar, are still being raped, trafficked, tortured by Muslim gangs. It’s Islamic culture, and to stop them would be islamophobic. The underlying belief is the same: non-Muslim women exist for the pleasure of Muslim men. It’s…


VIDEO: Muslim refugees STORM BORDER, use train carriage to smash police barricade on Greece-Macedonia border

Muslim invaders — barbarians at the gate, or in this case, the border. “Refugees use train carriage to smash police barricade on Greece-Macedonia border (VIDEO)”, RT, April 11,2016: As tensions at the Greek-Macedonian border continue to mount, a group of refugees has hijacked a train carriage at Idomeni station and attempted to use it to…


Muslim Migrants Use BATTERING RAM to Storm Thru Border Fence in Greece: EU HANDS OVER $800 MILLION to Invaders to ‘Maintain Their Dignity’

The more they pay, the more will come. These same Muslim migrants have been rioting. They used a BATTERING RAM to break through the European border fence — like the Muslim armies of old (but there’s no Charles Martel to greet them). Instead, the Euro-elites respond by paying them a ransom, jizya, with money that…

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