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[ June 27, 2017 ]

British Community College in headscarf battle: Muslims say new ‘swimming cap’ style veil is ‘not...

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Trump Slammed by U.N. for Undermining Civil Liberties of ISIS Jihadists

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Bungee Jump Death Raises Questions About Foreigners’ ‘Incorrect’ English

[ June 27, 2017 ]

“Moderate” Indonesia: ISIS jihadis screaming “Allahu akbar” stab police officer to death

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Malaysian university professor finances ISIS, killed waging jihad in Philippines

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Project Veritas Strikes: CNN Producer Caught Calling Russia-Trump ‘Bulls–‘

[ June 27, 2017 ]

Muslim Migrant in Ireland Investigated for Fraud Funding of ISIS

[ June 26, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslim opens fire on car full of women, outside nightclub

[ June 26, 2017 ]

Bloodiest 2017 Ramadan in Modern History

[ June 26, 2017 ]

Belgium: “They’re in such denial. It’s such a frightening thing to admit their country is...


Silencing/ Starving Out the Opposition: The Demonetization of YouTube, Google Ads is Fast Underway; Dissidents Will Be Silenced

I can tell you first hand that is happening. It is happening to me on Youtube and google adsense and on Facebook. Facebook, where I have over 800K followers, has made sharing my posts almost impossible. These left-wing behemoths mean to strangle and starve us out while left wing smear machines (aka think tanks) are funded by Soros and in many cases, the US government.

Facebook, where I have over 800K followers, has made sharing my posts almost impossible.


Facebook, Twitter SUED by more victims of Islamic terror

Filing a lawsuit against the internet is like filing a lawsuit against Johannes Gutenberg in the late 1400s. It’s absurd. Technology and progress are not the problem. Ideology is the problem. Why don’t victims of jihad terror sue the mosques and the world’s leading Islamic institutions such as Al Azhar university? Why not sue the publishers that print Qurans and hadiths that incite to jihad? Jihad terror has been plaguing humanity long before the interwebs came into existence.

Suing Twitter, Google, and Facebook is killing the messenger. It’s folly.


Julian Assange: ‘Google Works With Hillary Clinton’

“Don’t be evil” is the corporate motto of Google. How ironical. These social giants must be challenged. They wield enormous power — incalculable — and can easily sway Presidential elections and install whomever they please. It’s why we are suing suing the social media behemoths. Of course the media makes fun of Trump — because…

Google totally sux

Google has suspended me yet again from google ads on some bogus policy violation. I have spent the whole of the afternoon cleaning code. As much as I despise Google, I need the revenue to keep Atlas running. I may work for free, but bandwidth, webmasters et al all cost money. Real money. Atlas is…


Halalgoogling? How about IslamFreegoogle?

Now google is sharia-compliant. How about Google offer non-Muslims a search engine blocking dawah, dua, Islamic propaganda, Islamophiliac news coverage, etc.? We could call it Blasphemousgoogle. Al Arabiya  July 20, 2013 Blocking content deemed “haram,” or forbidden in Islam, Halalgoogling has its own custom filters. (Al Arabiya) Putting the “beep” in all that’s un-Islamic, a…

CENSORSHIP: Google Blocking “Negative” Searches Related to Islam

Google is blocking "negative" searches related to Islam. Free thought, free will, free men? Only for left-o-fascists. Notice how quick Google is to scrub jihad websites, videos, and incitement to violence? Of course you haven't, because they don't. Google-owned you tube runs all the jihad porn, but if patriots get out of line, their vids…


The poor American people – their brains are being tinkered, tickled, clubbed, monkeyed, toyed and played with like so much frickin playdo. NATIONALIZE GOOGLE! (just kidding)! But hell, if America has to pick up the tab for every failed Democrat designed bank mess, automotive company blah blah blah, then why not reap the profits of…


Have you seen this? hat tip Spencer UPDATE:From The Nose on your Face…… From Anthony: Google’s practice of dressing up their logo to commemorate selective holidays has generated much speculation about the company’s politics. Some have suggested that Google’s yearly tributes to holidays like France’s Bastille Day, Earth Day, and the Persian New Year, and…


Thought you might like an update on the Google Atlas ban first posted here. Atlas Shrugs: "SANDBOXED"/ BLACKLISTED BY GOOGLE on November 27 How does Atlas grow? Google search is one critically important way. People find Atlas when they do a word search in google ie "Obama birth certificate", "Obama odinga", "honor killings", "Obama campaign…


Proof of my google ban. Now that Hussein is in the White House, Google (a chief fundraiser and potential member of O’s administration) wants to control the news on their man. I never saw this kind of news suppression under Bush. You could say anything, BushChimpHitler, and get away with it. BLACKLISTED BY GOOGLE Entering…

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