Hark! Sanity

Judge Dismisses Plame Lawsuit Mara adds’; The judge just jettisoned Valerie Plame’s civil lawsuit against members of the Bush Administration. Cheney, Libby, etc. By this act alone, this judge sounds a whole lot more intelligent than Judge Clown Walton.More here and here.

Dead Dong the Witch is dead

Holy shia! It took long enough. The queen of the pig people is roasted, toasted and gone. And while I am not a fan of Baba Wawa, at least she did the right thing and got rid of Rosie the Rabid.  It was a painful thing to watch the very public meltdown of a sad,…

Fookin Woot!

And now for some lovely news. Hat tip David (abu dabu) Yanked by yanks Comcast backs away from Arab net LONDON — Al-Jazeera Intl. has all but conceded defeat in its effort to gain U.S. distribution in time for its worldwide launch Wednesday. Execs at the nascent English-language offshoot of the Arab broadcaster said Comcast…

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