Istanbul nightclub jihadi used ‘SOPHISTICATED, UNDERCOVER ISLAMIC’ network to reach target, used SPECIAL FORCES TACTICS during massacre

Istanbul nightclub killer ‘was sneaked into Turkey by sophisticated ISIS network under a secret codename and hidden in a safe house’ before carrying out nightclub massacre. Killer ‘infiltrated’ into Turkey before using special forces skills during slaughter.


Angela Merkel FINALLY admits that Islamic terror poses biggest threat to Germany, but stands by massive Muslim immigration

Angela Merkel, architect of the mayhem, meltdown and destruction of Europe, finally Merkel states the obvious; jihad terror poses the gravest threat to Germany. Despite this acknowledgement, Merkel still stands by her migrant policy in her New Year’s Speech. Instead the she says we should fight these savages with compassion.


Foiled: “Significant” Christmastime Islamic terror plots targeting crowded shopping centres

A series of attempts to carry out lethal attacks on Christmas markets and shopping centres across Europe, including Britain, were foiled before the Berlin murders. The security operations, according to senior sources, were carried out in direct response to information about terrorist threats linked to Isis.

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