US Holocaust Museum to award Angela Merkel with top honor named for Elie Wiesel

There is something irretrievably broken in the soul of the Jew. The worse you treat us, the more we defer and applaud. But for proud, fierce Jews who apologetically stand up for the Jewish people and Israel, Jewish leadership demeans, demoralizes and demonizes them. Kapos.

Angela Merkel brought into Europe the next wave of vicious, virulent Jew haters. The continent is not safe for Jews and they are fleeing in numbers not seen since the holocaust because of Islamic antisemitism.

It’s a sickness of the soul.


Muslim migrants who threw man on tracks of oncoming train RELEASED SAME DAY

After throwing the poor man on the train tracks. the Muslim migrants kicked the victim and used their feet to prevent him from getting back onto the platform. The German prosecutor released these migrants the same day. How very accommodating and multicultural of him.

This is attempted murder, and the German government believes it is in the best interest of the German people to release these savages onto the streets among civilized people.

How can Germany survive as an advanced civilized society? It can’t.

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