Munich still on high alert: cops hunt 7 devout Muslim ISIS homicide bombers who planned New Year’s Eve attacks on rail stations

They have been identified as Iraqis, although this has not been confirmed. In any case, they’re supporters of the Islamic State (ISIS). And as German police hunt for these men, Angela Merkel has put Germany on the road to national suicide by welcoming hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees, among whom there are certain to…


Sharia Law in Germany: Christian activist Heidi Mund charged with “agitation against the people”

Heidi Mund, a Christian activist, has been accused of agitation of the people towards violence. She did no such thing. Heidi Mund spoke out against Muslim prayer in a Christian church (see video below). If this woman is imprisoned, it marks a turning point for Germany. What she says here is true. Criminalization of truth….


State of War: Police Tracking Threat of Attack in Downtown Berlin, Backpacks, Suitcases “VERBOTEN”

While the world self-flagellates with the whip of islamofauxbia, a siege-like state of war continues. New York, for example, looks like a war zone. Preparations for New Year’s Eve are unprecedented. Anyone trying to into Times Square will go through not one, but two checkpoints and security checks. Heavily Armed anti-terror police to guard Times…


Muslims Brutally Beat Christians in Berlin After Xmas Day Celebrations; ‘I Am Muslim, What Are You?’ Screams Attacker

Merkel is bringing in two million of these devout savages. Germany will be a de facto Islamic state by 2020. Europe will resemble the decrepit, failed Middle East in no short order, because that’s what Islam does to healthy societies. “Christians Beaten in Berlin After Xmas Day Celebrations; ‘I Am Muslim, What Are You?’ Shouts…


German teachers want to teach ‘Mein Kampf’ in schools

On Friday, German Teachers’ Association and the Social Democrats proposed that Hitler’s autobiographical Nazi manifesto be taught in high schools to help “immunize” youngsters against far-right ideologies. Far right ideologies? First off, Hitler was a socialist – a leftist. Secondly, “far right ideologies” are hardly the problem Europe faces. “Mein Kampf” has not been printed…


Schoolchildren out, refugees in

Students in Bad Homburg are being thrown out of their classrooms and schools to make room for refugees in their school buildings. This is also happening in Nordhorn at the Anne Frank School. Yes, the Anne Frank school. The children will be moved to containers (mobile classrooms). Beginning February 1, 2016, the Anne Frank School…


Austrian Muslim fighter: “Hamburg and Berlin are our cities!”

It’s not as if they haven’t been telling us, in no uncertain terms, their intentions, goals and objectives. Western leaders’ response is to go after …. the islamophobes. That’s worked out just splendidly, hasn’t it? Related: Austrian Muslim Fighter Mohamed Mahmoud Calls on Muslims in Austria, Germany to Wage Islamic Attacks at Home” “take a…


300 riot in the Berlin airport refugee center

This could have been predicted. Walls have been torn down, and refugees knocked over tables and chairs. Obama say, “bring it here!” “300 riot in the Berlin Tempelhof airport refugee center”: Polizei im Großeinsatz: Hunderte Flüchtlinge prügeln sich am Flughafen Tempelhof – Berlin – Bild.de Google translate: On Sunday afternoon, there was in the refugee…


MASSIVE Ambulance TRUCK BOMB Found at Football Stadium

They are cancelling games all over Europe. Another arena was also evacuated before a concert, and a train station was also shut down. What an iconic target — the Europeans LOVE their football (soccer). How long before the running dogs in the media blame …. us? More here: Germany-Netherlands soccer game canceled, stadium evacuated, Merkel…


Germany-Netherlands soccer game canceled, stadium evacuated, Merkel was set to attend match UPDATE: Police found an ambulance car “FULL OF EXPLOSIVES”

UPDATE: Police have reportedly found an ambulance car “full of explosives” outside the Hannover stadium, according to a local newspaper, citing police sources. ============================================================ While everyone looks for someone to blame in the Paris jihad attacks except the jihadic doctrine that has roiled the world, the fact is that Europe is on tenterhooks. People are…


Germany’s new normal: “People can’t leave their homes” “Migrants go into churches to disrupt service. They walk in and start to riot.”

Media and political elites continue to spin the catastrophic invasion of Europe as some “humanitarian” movement, summarily ignoring the grave consequences of the hijrah (immigration jihad). Only a handful of news sites (like this one) are reporting on the true nature of invasion, getting the real news from the true victims — the besieged Europeans…

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