VIDEO: Muslim aggression in Germany, whips cameraman, I’ll f**k you mother … everything. Believe me”

The video depicts the aggression, on daily basis, of Muslim Arabs in the big cities of Germany. The so called “asylum seekers” and “refugees” are flooding in mobs through the cities and attack women, girls and passers by. When the situation gets hot, they have no problem to use their knives, whips and other weapons at hand.


Man burns himself to death in protest in Munich square, “Never again a war on German soil,” “[Berlin truck jihadi] is only the tip of the iceberg”

A desperate and shocking plea from a German clearly believing he had no other alternative to protest without being a labeled a racist-islamophobic-anti-Muslim-bigot. The man left these messages scrawled in marker. “Never again a war on German soil,” read one, “Amri [Berlin truck jihadi] is only the tip of the iceberg,” another said. But police continue to investigate the incident but declined to speculate whether he had political motives. Read his last notes, conquered slaves. But no, See no jihad, speak no jihad hear no jihad.

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