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[ August 19, 2017 ]

Bsrcelona jihad plot to slaughter hundreds in ‘spectacular’ blast at Barcelona’s famous cathedral, ringleader still...

[ August 19, 2017 ]

NYC MTA tear down subway tiles that look a little like a Confederate flag

[ August 19, 2017 ]

Bosnian Muslim General Warns: “Bosnian War On Christians Isn’t Over – Get Ready!”

[ August 19, 2017 ]

German Reich 2.0: Journalist sentenced to JAIL for posting historic Husseini-Hitler photo on Facebook

[ August 19, 2017 ]

VIDEO and PHOTOS: “Trump/Pence Out Of The White House” vs “Support Our President”

[ August 19, 2017 ]

Jew-hating pro-BDS professors organizing Antifa campus network

[ August 19, 2017 ]

UK: Muslim lawyer ranted online about shooting ‘Zionists’ and blowing up the ‘chosen people’

[ August 19, 2017 ]

UK: Man who made horrendous rape-video of wife told police what he did was OK...

[ August 18, 2017 ]

Echoes of Spain on an open thread

[ August 18, 2017 ]

Bannon: ‘The Trump Presidency That We Fought For, and Won, Is Over.’


WOKE: Look what happens when gay New Yorker comes out…conservative

This man’s experience is emblematic of the goose-stepping, vicious left-wing totalitarians. Those of us with guts and spine to take a stand against the authoritarians are acutely aware of the campaign of destruction with anyone who dares go off the reservation but for liberals who wake up to this – it’s seismic. It gives us a window into how the authoritarians that went before — brownshirts, blackshirts, nazis, communists — imposed their twisted will on once free societies.


Streep and Streisand weep for the devout Muslims who HURL gays off roofs *Warning* GRAPHIC CONTENT

The “foreigners” and outsiders” that Meryl Street harangued us about at the Golden Globes are throwing gays off roofs today. These same “foreigners” and outsiders” use fake passports to come to the West as “refugees.” This is what Streep and Streisand want to bring here. Is Streep’s daughter gay? Will she cheer if her daughter is thrown off a roof?

One thing is for sure, Streisand’s son Jason Gould is. They would throw him off the roof so fast her head would spin even as she stumped for their right to come here.


Transgender Muslim woman Raina Aliev hacked to death after dad issued TV death threat

Where is LGBT leadership? Where are Hillary’s gay supporters? Why don’t they call Hillary out for her support of sharia states? The hypocrisy is deadly. The silence in the wake of this slaughter mirrors the left’s and gay silence after the audio was released today of the Orlando jihad murderer’s phones calls extolling and praising…


Islamic Girls’ School Outed as Teaching Ground to Beat Women, Kill Gays

An Islamic girls’ boarding school in Nottingham is facing closure after a student, Aliyah Saleem, went public with what was being taught within its walls – light on the history, math and geography, and heavy on the how-tos of killing gays and beating women. Saleem, who was expelled in 2011 in front of the whole…


London Gives Cleric Who Tells How to Kill Gays a 10-Day Pass to Speak in City

London has given the thumbs-up to a Muslim cleric with a past that includes teaching how to kill gays to come to the city and deliver 10 days worth of speeches and lectures at an organization that’s backed by Iran’s government. Pamela Geller is banned from entering the UK. Shaykh Hamza Sodagar, who delivered remarks…


Angela Merkel’s Right-Hand Man Pleads for ‘German Islam’ of Tolerance

One of Angela Merkel’s leading political allies, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble, is making the case that all Germany needs to quell the rising tide of anti-refugee attitude that’s emanating from citizens is to adopt a new form of Islam – a German form that teaches tolerance and a progressive approach to the the religion. Schaeuble,…

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