Hatemongering SPLC Classifies Orlando Jihad Slaughter as ‘RIGHT-WING Terror’

The Orlando massacre was Islam in the cause of Islam. Oh, and Omar Mateen was a Democrat. What is more stunning? The wildly malevolent revisionism in the cause Islamic apologism or that such a fringe, radical group like the SPLC is used by the enemedia as some legitimate ‘authority” on such matters.


Orlando Muslim mass murderer Omar Mateen: “Call me mujahideen”

Mujahideen (Arabic: المجاهدين‎‎), the term for those engaged in jihad. For weeks  after the Islamic massacre at gay nightclub in Orlando, the Obama administration and their running dogs in the media have been waging a disinformation campaign, working furiously to assign any other motive to the mass murder than what it was. Islam. Obama’s Attorney…


Belatedly released transcripts show Orlando jihadi was “AVID CONSUMER” of Islamic State propaganda

First we heard he was gay, taking revenge on gays for giving him HIV, or for breaking up with him, or something. The usual denials and obfuscations went out — “nothing to do with Islam.” Only now, weeks later, do we get the full transcripts, which show that the Orlando jihad killer was a dedicated,…


FBI investigators say they have found NO EVIDENCE that Orlando shooter had gay lovers

The latest attempt to claim that a jihad massacre had nothing to do with Islam has been the attempt to claim that Omar Mateen was a frustrated, self-hating, and/or vengeful gay man. We heard numerous reports from the enemedia that he was a frequent patron at The Pulse nightclub, and that he hooked up with…


Obama Is ‘Apologist’ for Islam’s Toxic Ideology, Says Muslim Teacher Who Was Raped, Beaten for Being Gay

Yes, he is, and he has been throughout his presidency. And throughout his presidency also, the gay community has stood with him and against those of us who, like Uzi Fasadi here, have been telling the truth about Islam’s mistreatment of gays. “Obama Is ‘Apologist’ for Islam’s Toxic Ideology, Says Muslim Teacher Who Was Raped,…


Al Qaeda Special Report: “Inspire Guide: Orlando Operation,” Urges Muslims to Attack US

Tho Orlando jihadi Omar Mateen pledged his allegiance to the jihad cause — ISIS and AQAP. The jihad magazine Inspire embraces all jihad: “We stand by…all Muslims who attack America…regardless of their affiliation” AQAP stated that it supports all Muslims who attack America on its soil “regardless of their affiliation to any group or loyalty,”…


MEDIA ALERT: Pamela Geller on Sean Hannity Radio today talking about #Idaho Muslim migrant rape gang @seanhannity

Tune in to the Sean Hannity radio show today at 4:30 Eastern time. I’ll be on with Sean to talk about the depraved Muslim migrant rape of a 5-year-old special needs child in Idaho and the recovered cell phones from a Pulse Nightclub patron who recorded jihadi Omar Mateen talking to a co-conspirator about tactics….


Recovered Phones from Pulse Nightclub Have Recordings of Orlando Jihadi Talking to Co-Conspirator Regarding Tactics

Here is the latest bombshell coming out of the Orlando jihad attack. Catherine Herridge of Fox News is reporting that victims inside the club say that Omar Mateen was talking on the phone to a co-conspirator. They recorded it on their phones. This latest revelation is coming from the victims. Everything the FBI, DoJ, and…


MATEEN WIFE MISSING: Loretta Lynch Admits That Federal Authorities Have Lost The Orlando Shooter’s Wife

Omar Mateen’s wife, Noor Salman, cased Disneyland with her husband. She knew he was planning and plotting and practicing to wage jihad. He left the house with a duffel bag full of guns the night of his jihad slaughter. She texted him, “I love you.” And she wasn’t arrested? Not even house arrest? The enemy…


Pamela Geller in Breitbart: Hamas-Tied CAIR’s ‘Islamophobia’ Jihad

Post-Orlando sharia enforcement. Terror-tied groups such as CAIR spend tens of millions of dollars to demonize and destroy voices of freedom, while using the blood of our dead to silence us and spread sharia law. Hamas-CAIR’s timing is deliberate and disgusting. Silencing criticism of Islam is sharia law, and these devout thugs are using our…

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