Europe: Illegal to criticize Islam

Several European governments have made it clear to their citizens that criticizing European migrant policies or migrants is criminally off-limits and may lead to arrest, prosecution and even convictions. Although these practices constitute police state behavior, European governments do not stop there. They go still farther, by ensuring that Islam in general is not criticized either.


“Moderate” Indonesia: Thousands of Muslims demand arrest of Christian governor

He supposedly committed “blasphemy,” and so tens of thousands of Muslims demonstrated to demand his arrest. When have Muslims ever turned out in those kids of numbers to oppose jihad terrorism? “Muslim protesters in Jakarta demand arrest of Christian governor for alleged blasphemy,” by Niniek Karmini, Associated Press, November 4, 2016 JAKARTA, INDONESIA — Tens…


Security Guard Wounded In Garland ISIS Attack: “FBI RESPONSIBLE”

The FBI was willing to allow Americans to be murdered. This is confirmation of the suspicions in an article at Breitbart last August: It’s hard to escape the conclusion that the Obama FBI wanted me and the other speakers at the event dead. Dutch freedom fighter Geert Wilders was the keynote speaker; he has been…


“Journalist” Cathy Young (@CathyYoung63) publishes Pamela Geller’s location while hitting SPLC for doing what she does

I have an ISIS fatwa on my head. Cathy Young is, luckily, wrong about my whereabouts, but why is she publishing my location in the first place? Does she want to see ISIS kill me? Here’s the good news: neither you nor I were born Cathy Young. Here’s the good news: neither you nor I…


Miami passes resolution condemning “hate speech” against Muslims

Islamic laws forbidding free speech come to Miami. Who decides what’s good speech or hate speech? Who decides what’s good and what’s forbidden? Nezar Hamze and the Hamas-tied Council on American-Islamic Relations? A Muslim Brotherhood-tied operative? Much of what is written about me in the mainstream press is slander and lies. Isn’t that hate speech?…


Watch VIDEO: CNN’s Chris Cuomo claims it’s ILLEGAL for public to view Wikileaks emails

Remember: Chris Cuomo said last year, after jihadis attacked our free speech event in Garland, Texas, that “hate speech” was not protected by the First Amendment — by which, of course, he meant my work. In effect, what Chris Cuomo was saying was that he wanted to live in a dictatorship where some authority decides…


Obama: Internet News Needs to be “Curated”

Obama says that there needs to be a “curating function” on the news. He thinks the news needs to be “curated,” recalling the “News Curators” at Facebook who censored conservative perspectives. It’s Goebbelesque — leftists “curating” our news is why we are in the fix we are in. “Obama: Internet News Needs to be ‘Curated,’”…

Michael Savage

Hillary Clinton on Michael Savage: Let’s Keep Him on the U.K. Ban List

Hillary Clinton didn’t do a thing while secretary of State to help Michael Savage get his ban from the United Kingdom lifted, despite the top-ranked radio host’s request for her to use her diplomatic station to sway British authorities into admitting his speech was hardly vitriolic or dangerous. Robert Spencer and I were banned from…


UK: Muslim former Tory candidate says “Those who insult Islam MUST DIE”

We will see more and more of this in British politics. This is the future of Britain, thanks to Tony Blair, David Cameron, and Theresa May. “‘Those who insult Islam MUST DIE’, shocking undercover footage of former Tory candidate,” by Katie Mansfield, Express, October 13, 2016 (thanks to Simon): PEOPLE who insult Islam should be…

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