CIVIL WAR: Jihadis are at WAR WITH FRANCE, says Presidential candidate Francois Fillon

Not everyone in France is suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, but too many are. Funny how politicians such as presidential hopeful François Fillon seem to get it right before an election, but as a general rule, we see the government and the enemedia scrubbing and whitewashing jihad and the motive behind this war. Like victims of domestic abuse, they often blame themselves or make excuses for their violent spouses — deluding themselves that the violence will stop one day. It only ever gets worse. Just like the beaten wife, France clings to any excuse for the latest jihad outrage.


Devout Muslim on TERROR WATCH LIST SHOOTS AT FOUR COPS in Paris, KILLS ONE, Airport Evacuated

And the response to all of this? We are constantly being told not to hurt Muslim feelings, that we must import millions of Muslim migrants, and above all we must abridge our precious freedoms in light of sharia restrictions. Further, we turn our prisons over to imams who convert violent, broken men to jihad. Prison have become hotbeds of jihad terror activity. This jihadi was “radicalized” in a French prison.

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