The Death Spiral of a Free Country

Here is the process, the death spiral of a free nation. Muslims are the only immigration group that comes to a country with its own ready-made model of society it believes to be superior. And they impose it – in the schools, in the workpace, in the marketplace of ideas and with violence. Each component critical to the end result – the islamization of the country.


Muslim teen facing 20 years in jail for machete attack on Jewish teacher ‘in Allah’s name’

A Muslim teenager who brutally attacked a Jewish teacher in the name of Islamic State (ISIS) faces 20 years in jail, prosecutors said. “We are targeted by terrorists because we are French and because we are Jewish. No one feels safe. We get spat on and verbally insulted every single day. Anti-Semitism – a hideous monster – is still very much alive.”


France in “climate of near CIVIL WAR,” says angry French Presidential candidate Francois Fillon

France is seeing “a climate near civil war”.

Who said that?

President Trump?

A certain well known columnist and campaigner?

Well in this case it turns out it was the French Presidential candidate Francois Fillon; and to boot, the quote come from an article published in ‘The Local’.

You may recall, last week, The Local was at pains to deny the existence of riots and no go zones in France.

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