TV Appearance of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Jihadis’ Mentor to Promote his Book Stokes Anger in France

The jihad preacher who incited the Hebdo Muslim mass murderers was on a French television channel to discuss his ideas and promote his book. Before you snicker at the French, we here in America are up against the same thing.

The jihadi who called for the slaughter of the South Park creators because of a Muhammad character in a teddy bear suit on their show, had his prison sentence reduced from 12 years to 2 and now is on faculty at George Washington University. My colleagues and I are not invited, able or welcome on American college campuses but jihadis are on payroll.


The Hidden Costs of Jihad

One of the objectives of Islamic State’s “attack and polarize” strategy in France is to hit the economy, an objective that was successfully attained in the aftermath of the November 2015 and January 2016 attacks, which were immediately followed by a slump in retail sales and tourism.

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