French mayor faces CRIMINAL COURT FOR CRITICIZING the number of Muslim schoolchildren

Muslims students refusing to integrate, demanding Muslim prayers times and special Islamic accomodation, harassing, bullying and attacking non-Muslim students – most especially Jewish students (their favorite prey) — is a cultural thing not to be criticized but to be respected. Speak of it and you’ll be brought up on charges. That is sharia – that is islamization. That is the end of freedom and equality of all before the law.


TV Appearance of ‘Charlie Hebdo’ Jihadis’ Mentor to Promote his Book Stokes Anger in France

The jihad preacher who incited the Hebdo Muslim mass murderers was on a French television channel to discuss his ideas and promote his book. Before you snicker at the French, we here in America are up against the same thing.

The jihadi who called for the slaughter of the South Park creators because of a Muhammad character in a teddy bear suit on their show, had his prison sentence reduced from 12 years to 2 and now is on faculty at George Washington University. My colleagues and I are not invited, able or welcome on American college campuses but jihadis are on payroll.


Muslim Violence on a Sunday Afternoon in the South of France, Women, Children Attacked for Wearing Shorts

Sharia in France. Our correspondent in France, Jean Patrick Grumberg at Dreuz, reports on the deteriorating social fabric of daily life in France in the wake of the Muslim invasion of Europe. Surge of Muslim violence on Sunday, early afternoon in Toulon, South of France. Near the city Les Œillets, eastern side of Toulon, two…


Pamela Geller in Breitbart: Charlie Hebdo’s PTSD

Charlie Hebdo’s Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. In the wake of the jihad slaughter of cartoonists at the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo last January, the remaining employees of the magazine have said a number of outrageous, grotesque, really horrible statements. Geller: Charlie Hebdo’s PTSD By Pamela Geller, Breitbart News, January 6, 2015: In the wake of…


John Kerry: “Rationale” for Charlie Hebdo wholesale slaughter is understandable

What a nightmare. The US Secretary of State announced to the whole world that the wholesale slaughter of the editorial staff of a magazine was understandable, justified even. The “rationale”? They refused to submit to Islamic law. Did Kerry convert to Islam? Murdering journalists because they violate arcane and barbaric sharia law is “understandable”? Kerry…


Charlie Hebdo Surrenders

The jihadists won. We need more cartoons, not fewer. We must stand against this violent intimidation to impose the sharia. Note Washington Post headline — “prophet Muhammad.” Are they Muslim? He’s not my prophet; is he WaPo’s? Charlie Hebdo editor says the paper is done with prophet Muhammad cartoons By Ishaan Tharoor, The Washington Post…


French high school student threatened over school newspaper issue about Charlie Hebdo attack

This is the new reality: not only is anyone who stands for the freedom of speech excoriated, mocked and shunned, but the emboldened thugs also now issue threats even to teenagers in high school. France and the West are in for a troubled, bloody future. “French high school student threatened over school newspaper issue about…


Reagan foe Nicaragua denies entry to cartoonist from French satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo

Apparently no country, no corner of the earth is safe from the ravages of sharia. Particularly leftist, socialist fiefdoms. The President of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, a fierce foe of America, overthrew a U.S.-backed government decades ago. “Nicaraguan freedom fighters have never asked us to wage their battle, but I will fight any effort to shut…


Only cartoonist to survive massacre at Charlie Hebdo is leaving the magazine

Apparently Je Suis Charlie is now Je Ne Suis Pas Charlie. No one should judge Luz harshly for this. It was his friends and colleagues whom the devout Muslims murdered. But more and more people are giving up the battle. And when everyone who was standing for freedom has stood down, what then? “Only cartoonist…


Infamous Antisemitic French “Comedian” sentenced for supporting Charlie Hebdo jihad slaughter

“French satirist” Dieudonné is known for his unabashed Jew-hatred and pro-jihad militancy calling himself a “comic.” Yes, it’s terribly funny, isn’t it? Dieudonné is most widely known for his new Nazi salute, aka the reverse Nazi salute. Dieudonné Sentenced Over Facebook Posting Prosecutors argued the slogan “Je Suis Charlie Coulibaly” suggested he sympathised with the…


Muslims Behind the Multiple Paris Jihad Attacks on Charlie Hebdo Magazine and Kosher Deli Met Ten Hours Before the Slaughter

Once again, law enforcement officials, Prime Ministers and Presidents sound like idiots with their lone wolf narrative. Or in the words of the evil buffoon, “random” lone wolves. What is this — a Muslim wolf pack? What’s it going to take, people? There are no “lone wolves” in the global jihad. It is an army…

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