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[ August 20, 2017 ]

Google Working with Alt-Left Smear Groups to Snuff Out Conservative Websites

[ August 20, 2017 ]

The Brazilian Visionary Who Sounded Warnings About Islam in the 1940s

[ August 20, 2017 ]

“Neo-Nazism has become the trigger for a kind of Jewish blindfold”

[ August 20, 2017 ]

Imam Masterminded Barcelona Jihad Attack

[ August 20, 2017 ]

Canada: Muslima who screamed “I’m going to kill everybody” and attacked non-Muslims with golf club...

[ August 20, 2017 ]

Australia: Muslim cleric says Muslims have cleaner bathrooms, are more polite and smell better than...

[ August 20, 2017 ]

Iran: Parliament chants “Death to America” while voting to increase military budget by $800 MILLION

[ August 19, 2017 ]

Saturday Night Cinema: The Brothers

[ August 19, 2017 ]

PAYPAL Suspends Jihad Watch After ProPublica Hit Piece Against Anti-Jihad News Sites #BoycottPaypal

[ August 19, 2017 ]

VIDEO: FACEBOOK LIVE Pamela Geller on Death of Free Speech in America


U.S. Hits Refugee Cap Months Early: How America’s Muslim Population is Shaping the Nation

As the United States hits its maximum number of refugees allowed for 2017, it’s important to look at how these numbers impact America both today and in the coming years.


‘Palestinian Authority’ Increases Salaries to Terrorists by 13% in 2017

This is the aspiration of young Muslims and Muslim families in Israel and “disputed territories” in the region. Kill Jews in accordance with Islamic teachings, and your family will be taken care of for life. There are no rewards for humanity, only for savagery. There are no incentives to cure cancer, become a doctor, a scientist, a contributor to mankind — theirs is but one life goal. Genocide.


Welfare Jihad: ISIS fighters receiving unemployment benefits as they ‘need assistance’

Denmark has discovered that 36 people who fled to join the terror cult have received handouts from the state that rack up to 672,000 kroner (£76,957).The municipal authorities say they will now try to track down the 29 pen-pushing militants. Seven are thought to have been killed in combat..ISIS have received thousands of pounds in benefits It is totally reprehensible


Jihad Murderers in Europe Received $56,000 in Welfare While Plotting Attacks in Paris and Brussels

If anything demonstrates the willful blindness and abject dhimmitude of the West, it’s got to be this: Western governments bankrolling jihad mass murder. It’s like President Obama giving Iran $400 million in cash. Photo: Police officers patrolling after raids in March in the Molenbeek district of Brussels in which Paris attacks suspect Salah Abdeslam was…


The Islamic State Returns to the Gold Standard to Break US Federal Reserve

Frankly, we should never have abandoned the Gold Standard. These savages are smarter than people give them credit for. Obama’s “Junior Varsity” team is the world’s richest terror organization — how much longer can the West continue to underestimate them? Gold and economic freedom are inseparable, . . . the gold standard is an instrument of laissez-faire…


The Islamic State Receives $6.9 Billion

Obama’s “Junior Varsity” team, the Islamic State, is the world’s richest terrorist group. “Islamic State Receives $6.9 Billion in Money Transfer,” Clarion Project, July 28, 2015 The money was transferred despite the supposedly strict measures Iraqi gov’t says it took to stranglehold the terror organization.The Islamic State received $6.9 billion in funds in recent money…


Huge Jury Award Against Palestinian Groups in Terrorism Case

It’s hard to know who will be most unnerved by this rational development: the PA, CAIR or Obama. Photo: Mark J. Rochon, right, a defense lawyer, leaving Federal District Court in Manhattan on Monday. Credit Bryan R. Smith for The New York Times Justice finally is indeed served, despite the left and their vicious agenda…


ISIS Commander Confesses The Terror Group Is Receiving Funds Via The US

Of course if this were a Republican President, the media would be all over this like white on rice. I can just see the headlines now: “GOP sets Jordanian pilot alight!” “Republicans fund beheading of journalists!” And so on…. But the enemedia’s corrupt and complicit “editorial” policies under Obama remain unchanged. Did anyone see dear…

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