Fourth Muslim group REFUSES MILLIONS in federal monies to fight jihad-terror

It is stunning that taxpayer monies were being heading over to Islamic groups to fight terror. First, what accountability is there? How do they prove results? Secondly, if these groups are now refusing the money, refusing to fight terror, how good an investment could it have been?. Mosques, Islamic Centers, Muslim leaders and groups should not have to be paid to fight jihad terror. They should be fighting the good fight because it is the right thing to do. I do. My colleagues do.


President Trump fighting terrorism in phone call with Egyptian President Sisi

I have often said the one Muslim leader in the Islamic world who understand that jihad must be defeated is President Sisi of Egypt. Clearly President Trump understand this as well. Obama opposed him (which is a ringing endorsement) and instead threw considerable support behind the Muslim Brotherhood terror leader Muhammad Morsi. But the Egyptian people weren’t having it and threw off Morsi’s sharia yoke of tyranny.


Thousands of Mideastern Illegals Busted at U.S. Border With Forged Papers

President Obama and his administrative chiefs may claim the borders are safe and Americans have nothing to fear from potential terror-tied illegal crossers – but U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents working with Mexico’s immigration forces have a different story to tell. And it’s one that should worry the counter-terrorism folk in Washington, D.C., and…


Europe’s ‘Good Terrorists’: Because They Might Destroy Israel?

A spokesman for Hamas pleaded with Europe’s elite to understand that they had nothing to fear from the group’s terrorists because – get this – their terror attacks aren’t aimed at Europeans, but rather Israel. What a comfort. And this, the response from the European Court of Justice, is even more of an outrage. The…

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