Left-Wing University Professor Physically Assaults College Republican Student at California State University, Fullerton

Here is what the left is planning and doing; they are making America ungovernable. If Trump breathes, they run amok. Their war against Trump is a war against you, a war against me, a war against the people. Trump is our proxy and we must get off the fence, the defense, the sidelines, and fight them, push back.


Celebrities Go Nuts Over DeVos Confirmation: ‘They Declared War on Our Children’

Who do these celebrities think they are kidding? Their children go to private school. The DeVos confirmation just leveled the playing field for poor children.

The DeVos confirmation didn’t “declare war on our children’. Just the opposite, Trump ended the war on our children, especially our poor children who now will have school choice and vouchers.


Colleges offering counseling and “mental health services” for students dealing with “anxiety and confusion” over President Trump

Administrators at more than 30 colleges and universities across the country have issued statements opposing President Trump’s recent executive order on immigration.

Several schools are even offering counseling and other “mental health services” for students dealing with “anxiety and confusion” over the order.

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